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  1. Back from Garage again.Turbo has excessive play and the oil seals have failed. Game over :(
  2. Can you also tell me the part number you bought? :)
  3. Hi Remi, I have had similar problems. How did you determine that it was the boost pressure solenoid? Summary of my issue is that the car suddenly lost boost one day and it won't go above 1.8bar at about 3000rpm. Engine has been terracleaned, fuel filter replaced, air filter replaced and no leaks in system. Cheers
  4. I have the same problem too, although it is really noticeable from 15-70 mph and only when I steer right (noise coming from the passenger wheel). It's not so much a grinding but it sounds like rubbing in time with the tyre tread (note that it may not be the tyre rubbing, it just sounds like that). Suspension looks fine and I have just had the front trailing suspension arm bushings replaced. Any other ideas? Mine is an '06 Mk2 Estate Diesel btw.
  5. Hi All, Question about my Focus. Came back from holiday after a week away and cold weather at home. Took off handbrake which stuck until I reversed out of the car parking space, but it still feels there is a little more rolling resistance than normal when I drive the car. Main points: -Handbrake disengages completely....not slack when it's down. No hand brake light on either, so that's all fine. -Fuel consumption has gone up by 25% (although I am not doing a weekly 80 miles round trip on a dual carriageway during the winter, only combined city/country driving) -Slight noise coming from rear right wheel but not from others when car is rolling slowly, doesn't sound like the brake though So, I'm thinking the bearing, but how could that have just decided to break while I was away? Car is parked in secure location outside. Any ideas? This weekend I will jack the rear up and compare the rolling resistance of each rear wheel to see what's up and report back. Cheers!
  6. Guys / gals, I am trying to fix my friend's 64 plate fiesta (face lifted version) as she has broken the wing mirror on the driver's side. It's a 1.2 petrol (not ST or anything fancy like that). But....I'm having trouble finding out if a wing mirror for a 2008-2013 fiesta will fit, or do I need to get one specifically for a 2014 model? I am getting conflicting reports whether they will be compatible or not...who can settle this mystery once and for all?
  7. Alright, buys? I take it these will work for my mk. 2 focus too? How long does the changeout take?
  8. Hi All, Looks like I have solved the problem and the garage that hasn't been able to fix it has refunded my money in full (as exoected). Here's what I did. My Mk. 2 Focus Estate has 'T-Tracks' on the roof to enable fast *cough* fitting of roof bars etc. They have a very loose fitting rubber seals around the edge between the bodywork and the base of the tracks. They also have gaps in between the sections which I believe were letting the water in. I hence put silicone sealant round there and filled the inside behind the seals and let to dry for at least 24 hours before taking the car out again. I also removed the inner roof lining in the car and sealed up 6 gaps which the drips were originating from. I then let all that sealant dry before applying another layer to ensure the seal was tight, and hy presto, no water ingress. Also, as a precaution, as well as previously sealing up the roof hinges, I sealed up the gromits for the cable and tube entries for the rear lights and screen wask respectively. Just remove the gromits, put seals round them, and replace, leave to dry, job done! Hope this helps anyone else who was in this dilemma! All the best and thanks for all your help.
  9. Hi all, I hope the forum can help me here. I have had water ingress in the luggage area of the boot boot of my Focus estate for the last 3 months. Over that time, it has been into the dealer 3 times and the leak has still not been fixed. The have done the following: -Put sealant round the tailgate hinges (a common source of ingress apparently) -Had the roof lining away and still not been able to pinpoint the leak source Alas, this has still not fixed it and water is still coming in though the rear plastic 'vents' on the inside of the rear pillars. Taking the tailgate seals away and looking inside the (soaked) lining indicates water is still coming in from somewhere, and the lining is soaked up to 2-3 inches from the top corner of the tailgate. This might indicate that the leak is coming from that area. This problem is occurring in both the right and the left hand side of the car, bust mostly on the left. My car also has t-track roof rack fixings. I really hope someone can help me here! The car is perfect besides this. All the best and a belated Merry Christmas to you all!
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Sst99pro :)