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  1. I was just asking whether a Yuasa YBX3000 or YBX3075 where any good a for a focus zetec climate Thanks
  2. Battery Completely Flat After Power Pack Boost. Help!!!

    Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if I could try and jump start it again using the power pack and drive it to my local garage which is not far away. Do you think it will give out on me?? Thanks Also I was looking at getting a Bosch 45 amp Silver line battery is that a good battery?
  3. Hello, The battery for my Ford Focus Zetec Climate 55 plate was completely flat after I went to start it one day, I figured it was flat as a result of me not using the car for over a month and it was idle. Anyway I bought a power pack to jump start the car. I charged the power pack for 36 hours as instructed and then proceed to jump start the car. All worked fine and I then drove around the block for 2 minutes or so ( I think that is not enough right as you need to at least let the battery charge for 15 minutes plus right). So yeah careless on my part. Also I had a new alternator fitted last year. So it can not possibly be that. I think its the battery, So I'm just going to buy a new one and get it fitted. Also I was wondering about this smart charge battery thing. Does my car have one also?? Do they come warehouse fitted with all ford focus's?? Thanks
  4. Well it looks like it just needs to be pushed or clipped back in, but i'm not sure if that is the only damage taking it to my local bodywork guy. Do you know how much it cost's to get a new chrome grille around the trim??
  5. Hi there I was just wondering if anyone had a rough idea how much it would cost to get my car repaired was in a minor little accident and unfortunately the chrome around the front grille came out a bit it seems to still be in perfect order just needs to be clicked in i hope. Anyway i have uploaded pics for view thanks.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums FordFocusLover :)