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  1. Water Leak

    Thank you for all the help guys.
  2. Water Leak

    Thanks very much also Nathan. Way beyond my capabilties but shall get my partner to have a look, does anyone know if Ford would repair even though my car an 09 plate.
  3. Water Leak

    Thank you, iv'e checked all the simple things that i can think of. Will try your suggestion with hoses.
  4. Water Leak

    Thanks Colin, headlining is completely dry. Narrowed it down to it coming in from rear or boot on driver's side. Somewhere ??
  5. Water Leak

    Thanks Steve, Iv'e checked the door seals and they seem to be intact. Are there any others i should be checking? Any help is appreciated.
  6. Water Leak

    Hi everyone, Just joined the forum and hoping that someone can help with a problem i have. I have an 09 fiesta 1.25 zetec. The rear offside passenger footwell is saturated in water, rear sets also feel damp and water found in spare wheel housing compartment, the rear nearside is completely dry. Can anyone tell me is this a common problem and can offer any advice or solutions. Any help would be much appreciated, many thanks in advance.
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Elaine276 :)