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  1. Thank you for that info, i will just have to wait for 3.4 to be offered but i won't hold my breath. read about the cyanlabs updater but knowing my luck it will go belly up as they say.
  2. cheers alex.s noticed that ford seems to do things strangely with its updates, im on sync3 but got f9 maps about 3 months ago but no 3.4 update being offered. Yet people with sync 3.4 have had to wait months for f9 maps. one day maybe we will all get things together
  3. i had this on my 56 plate 1.6 and for the love of god i could not find out what was wrong with it. But what i used to do was just pull over and restart the car and all would be good. on thing i will add is that it used to do it more if the car was stuck in traffic with lots of crawling along Did yours start with the car over revving on its own? Mine revved into the red and would only stop by being turned off. Hope you get it sorted as i would love to know the cause even though i traded mine in
  4. Just noticed that you all seem to have cars with sync 3.4 well that's what I'm guessing due to your cars years. i was wondering will this work on sync 3.0? i don't want to try it and end up bricking my radio or something because that would be just my luck.
  5. is it not in the glovebox? i had a differant radio to yours but my line in was in the glove box, at the front top right corner.
  6. hi scribble if you want your camera to shutdown when your ignition is turned off then the fuse you need to piggyback off is f85 in the passenger footwell. this is the one i use now, this video shows how to install in case your unsure when your insalling it
  7. Thanks for your reply, I did find the thread about installing a camera and will keep an eye on it for now as i dont want to start cutting into wires that are already there. i just dont fancy messing things up as i know i would. cheers again.
  8. Just wondering is it possible to add a reversing camera to a sync 3 head unit ? If you can how much of a big job is it, do you know if the wiring is already in the boot door or do i have to put it in and connect to the head unit myself. i did put it in my last focus but i don't really want to start ripping this car to bits just yet just in case i do break something. Thanks for any help in advance.
  9. i have the nextbase 412 gw hardwired in to my 67 plate focus fuse f85, this will turn off and on with your ignition. had it for the last 18 months and have never had a problem. plus the software on the pc ain't that bad for editing the clips should you need to.
  10. I used f85 that works with your ignition, worked a treat for me
  11. not sure if this thread is of use to you, its a step-by-step instruction with plenty of pictures
  12. That worked a treat, thank you.
  13. Hello everybody hope you are all keeping well and safe indoors with your loved ones. The thing i want to ask is can i set my key fob to open all my windows by keeping the unlock on my key fob pressed for a few seconds? ( global opening but you know that already ) i was able to do this on my 56 plate focus just pressing the unlock for a few seconds but it dont seem to work on my 17 plate focus. is there a way to get this working or do i need other things to get it working? not that i need it just yet as i ain't driving much but when i can and with summer about to slide in it would be worth having this option. Thanks all and stay safe, billybob66
  14. if anybody wants the correct fuse to piggyback off the fuse you need is f85 located in the passenger footwell. this is the one that turns on and off with your ignition.
  15. i have just done mine so it turns on and off with the ignition, i used fuse f85 that is located in the passenger footwell. i used one of the fuse piggy back kits off Amazon and it works great and is really easy to do. the fuse is the 5th one from the bottom on the right ( drivers ) side of the fuse box. saves you looking it up in the book.