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  1. If you need the log file first, then go back here. https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/resources-and-support/sync-bluetooth/update#/ Then click on the troubleshooting near the bottom of the page there is a small download that you need, just follow the instructions. It might then let you download the next file, but don't hit me if it doesn't work.
  2. hi all, got in touch with ford about this issue and got a reply this morning 1/09/2021. We are currently experiencing some issues with our SYNC update system and our SYNC team have removed the latest update so they can upload the new update, which will also fix any bugs. They say the new update will be back online in the next two to three weeks that should sort out SYNC and map fixes. Won’t hold my breath on this working.
  3. to find out what maps you have now go to settings on your sync system tap general then scroll down to about sync, tap that and it will say F9 or F10 if up to date.
  4. Seems there is a new map update for sync3 units, not sure about sync 3.4 you will have to check. file size is 24.7GB.
  5. Has your last update changed your voice prompts in settings to advanced? if it has turn off advanced in voice prompt and the prompt will return.
  6. Ford did mine back in January, and i had no GPS signal as i drove of the forecourt. Had to take the car in twice to get it done. Hope you have better luck than i did, i just gave up in the end.
  7. Just been on to the sync and maps update site and noticed that the picture shows the system has no gps signal. Made me giggle because mine went in under warranty and came out worse after telling me there has never been a problem. Brilliant.
  8. Is my 2017 st line x the odd one out here? Seems my front tyres are a different brand to the back. Think it's Michelin on the front and continental on the back or vice versa. Is this normal or is my car as odd as its driver??????
  9. do you have the code for your stereo once you get it unlocked? https://www.freefordradiocodes.com/ this page will also give you info on getting it sorted
  10. Depends on your year of make, my 67 plate is still on sync 3 and no chance of 3.4. But let's all cheer I do have F9 maps so after three lets all empty our lungs.
  11. noting today but on friday i gave it a three hour wash after winter, going to do it again and give it the full wash and detail that take about five hours. Sounds abit over the top but i do like to keep my car looking like new. am i a bit over kill on the wash? you tell me.
  12. ok, sorry for the delay but i was in work all week so was unable to get to the post office until today. the price to send these to you is just shy of £4.00 so not too bad, let me know if you still want them, and we can go from there. cheers
  13. There are two and i will send them both, i will find out the price for postage and if your ok with that then they are yours. Better on your car than in my shed. I am off work Monday, so I will find out then and get back to you.
  14. Sorry the pictures are not that great, they do look the same. Was the centre of yours the blue one like the picture? hope it was because i can only find two of them. So the other two are in the shed, (minefield) so could be found or i left them in the car when i traded it in last year so i will try again tomorrow when its a bit warmer and see if they are there and will post back tomorrow night. EDIT just measured the middle and its 80 mm across and like yours its held in with 5-fold down tabs if thats any help.
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