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  1. White Mk7 Zs Dmb Colour?

    haha I went for the white with black writing at the end!
  2. White Mk7 Zs Dmb Colour?

    pretty damn good! I like it :)
  3. joe that is a great idea! I like your thinking! oo Sam I like your style!
  4. White Mk7 Zs Dmb Colour?

    thanks for reply and pictures! has anyone tired white back ground and silver text ? or is black text better? and cheers for the centre caps :)
  5. yeah I was thinking do you know what black if is ? I was kinda thinking the colour of red, blue or green but want to see pictures before wasting money haha
  6. White Mk7 Zs Dmb Colour?

    which colour dmb badges should i get for my car ? pictures would be great! also anyone know the size of the 17inch alloy center caps ? cheers
  7. hey, im going refurb all my 17inch alloys on my white zs! and i want to change the standard silver alloy colour. has anyone got any idea and pictures of your car to show me? i want to get black but my minds telling me no lol i want something different and stands out ? if i do go for black what colour code or colour name would it be ? thanks p.s still need to this website
  8. ! Guide ! Installing A Sub Box To Mk7

    hi. i have recently ask a shop to install amp and 6x9 speakers on my parcel shelf. i supplied the amp and speakers for the job. after the job was done and they said i have to book another time because it has a very bad interference with my speakers but i dont have time till next week so i want to know what seem to be the problem with it? i have also told putting another amp in but still do the same and i tried a sub as well but it still makes a very bad interference noise. i'll have ask how they have put the rca cable in they said they done it from the rear speakers etc. i really rather do it myself if i can to sort the problem out rather wasting more time on the weekend to try look for the problem? thank you
  9. Driver Side Front And Back Water Leak?!

    thank you very much! just as i through where it is to seal but just clueless what to use haha might tried use some bathroom seal or some sort! thanks once again! p.s my rear footwell look like that! not long ago before getting all the water out!
  10. Driver Side Front And Back Water Leak?!

    hello mate is it possible you can post pictures of repair? that would be helpful thank you!
  11. Driver Side Front And Back Water Leak?!

    i'll been on many forums and i find one where it had a TSB attachment on the post and i look in to it and it seem to be my problem i need to use some seal that does not mention what kind of seal to seal up the a pillar so im kinda stuck tbh with you lol and im unsure is it the right place to put it haha
  12. Driver Side Front And Back Water Leak?!

    it comes with warranty but water leak is only covered for the first 12months.. stupid it is!
  13. Water In Driver Side Floor!!!

    hello mate i dont understand where i got to seal up ? can you explain more please thank you
  14. Water Leaking Into Passenger Footwell

    hello mate can you post pictures pleasE? thank you
  15. Driver Side Front And Back Water Leak?!

    thank you for the advise i have already checked them and they all them good to me to be honest. dont really want to take it to ford since they going charge me even though the cars less then 2 years old ( stupid water leak not covered )