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  1. Fiesta MK4 Panel

    Got a quick question, my fiesta unknown to me has had an accident with something in its past and the front wing (above the wheel) is damaged but has been repaired in the past, how easy is it to just take off? ive seen some people just say it bolts off.. doest it need any welding.. spot welding?? Need to know before i buy a new panel Thanks
  2. Mechanical Issue

    Hi Guys, Ive got a Fiesta MK4 Fusion model, for about 6 months now ive been noticing a "squeeking" noise coming from the rear of the car when i turn left, go over bumpy roads of even just when i have people in the back of my car. It seems to be getting worse, ive also just replaced a damaged front wheel hub because it was unbalanced and needed replacing but im still getting vibrations through my steering wheel even though my front wheels were balanced just a few weeks ago. Do you think it could be a wheel baring causing all these issues??? If so how much do you think it would cost to replace/repair?
  3. Fiesta MK4 Tyers

    Hi All, ive got little Fiesta Fusion MK4 1.25, i was wondering why this thing is so rapid, i friend of mine had a fiesta, same reg (s) as mine but his was just a basic model, maybe an LX, i let him drive it and he was shocked at the difference in the speed difference. I never thought anything about it because i drive it everyday but i was on my way home one evening and the roads where prety clear and there was a Saxo VTi 1.6 in front of me swurving all over the place, i wanted to over take him but he kept blocking me, so we got to a round about and the lane split into 2 and we both floored it with me being about 10 feet behind, by the time we got half way down the road, i was passing him at almost 100mph and still pulling i thought to my self "that was a 1.6" the car was about the same size as mine in body size. The problem i find is, the small 13" tyers on the car really dont cut it for grip, since our summer has been wet as always. I was coming down a hill the other day going to work abou 25mph and slowing for the lights with cars infront of me, (pretty steep hill), applied the brakes to slow and the front brakes locked and i slide, i had to turn into the other lane to stop my self hitting the car infront... What tyers can i put on this car to get more grip?? i was advised maybe some 14" but how much wider are they to 13"??? So advice as to why this thing is so rapid to other models of its age and what tyers can i put on it to help in the wet?
  4. Ford Fiesta Fusion

    Thought that, but when looking on the internet.. found a number of places with the same info about the car... it really is a Zetec-S Engine
  5. Ford Fiesta Fusion

    Sorry for this post, but i didnt know where to post my question as it kind of belongs in both areas, its a fiesta car but i need technical advice... Hope someone can help :) http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index...amp;#entry11303 Ninja12
  6. Ford Fiesta Fusion

    Hi, im new to this forum! Ive just been and got my first car after passing my test 4 days ago.. Ive bought a Ford Fiesta Fusion 1.25 Petrol R Reg. I opened the bonnet and to my suprise... 16v Zetec-S. Whats up with that? Is that a normal ford fiesta engine? Ive heard the Fusion is a limited editon import but also that its got really good MPG and puts out almost as much power as the 1.4 engine in most fiesta's?? Can anyone shed any light on this for me? Is there a reason the engine says Zetec-S???? Thanks Ninja12 :D