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  1. I have given up washing my car at this time of year.... I live in the middle of nowhere, so if I wash it on the drive it gets dirty when I go anywhere and if I wash it at a garage it gets dirty when I get home. Got to love country lanes!
  2. As the others have said, sounds like you need new brake discs to stop the vibration when braking and get the bushes etc. checked to see where the noise is coming from.. :)
  3. Hello All

    I am new here, I will try to refrain from innuendo ..... ^_^
  4. Hello All

    Hmm, I may have some of them.... Oh, wait, you meant of the car ..... :P
  5. FOC Age group Poll!

    I am a very young looking 37 year old ......
  6. Hello All

    Thanks for the welcome. I haven't got any pictures of the car at the moment, too wet and muddy most of the time due to where I live.....
  7. Hello All

    Thanks Preee
  8. Hello All

    New to the forum so thought I would introduce myself and say hello... Recently got myself a 2008 Fiesta ST, been a while since I owned a ford...
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Incrisis :)