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  1. hello is there any chance you could send me a copy of the ford escort manual please i have tried everywhere then i came across your post quite a few followers, i have got a ford escort 55 1.8 td w reg the heater blower has stopped working so i need to know how to get to the resistor and motor my email is darren.2811@gmail.com many thanks Darren.

  2. ford escort mk6/7 manual pdf??

    Send me your private address and I'll forward you a copy tonight.From memory there was a book on the diesel engine and a book for the petrol caronly.
  3. Fit rear discs to Van

    Fitted these now,they bolt on although the bolt centres are different slightly.Just slotted the holes to accomodate this, handbrake cable is next problem!!!! I will make my own,but if anybody knows of a fix ,please let me know.I'm nearly there now though,RS2000 engine next! Anybody tell me how to get more out of this lump? I'll sort the braking and suspension.4x4 Cossie brakes going on the front along with uprated coilovers/struts .Would have really liked to get shut of leaf spring rear axle but dont fancy major surgery to rear end to try and make it happen.Again if anybody/experts out there know how it's done I'd be grateful for your advice. H
  4. rs 2000 into van

    Hello, I'll post some pics up if you are interested,its running 18" Rims,Amparo Blue,silly stereo!!! Projector /halo lights and everything else a silly old bugger like me could get me hands on!!!! 50 going on 18 ;-))) Have got WRC front bumper,Cosworth Rear bumper and full Cosworth bodykit to fit to it at some point too. Central locking,electric windows and mirrors,pretty much all other GTi stuff really.Should be fitting rear discs over the next few days too. Regards, Howard
  5. rs 2000 into van

    I am going to fit an RS2000 engine and box into my van,which at the moment is running GTi setup.I wonder if the ECU setup is able to be modded to suit the RS or do I need a RS one.I'm thinking of the hassle with the alarm setup etc. Any help appreciated. Regards, H
  6. Fit rear discs to Van

    Hello, Anybody ever fitted rear discs to a van?.I have just bought a Cab rear axle and wondered if there is anything to make/fabricate/swap to achieve this? I have full fabrication facility so cut and shut is no problem.Or do the hubs just bolt on? Regards, Howard
  7. Help anybody.

    Hello, Sorry I havent replied earlier,been out of the country.I dont know what box it has,is there a specific number or way of telling? I am planning to fit a RS2000 with box into it soon and so I just want to be safe in the short term. That begs another question,do I need RS2000 ECU.The van has the GTi ECU+ transponder pats which flashes the indicators when you lock it (with the key) . I am sick of Fords and all the different types of anti theft gear,its a minefield to me the uninitiated. I am fairly sure the GTi ECU wont be perfect for fuelling but will it get it running? Can it be re mapped to mimic the RS200 type?This would seem the best way if its possible owing to the alarm setup.I can get a non pats RS200 ECU,would this work do you think?
  8. Help anybody.

    Can anybody point me in the right direction here.I just got a van which has been converted using a GTi motor. The clutch is whining when I depress/touch the pedal.There is some slack in it also. It also seems whiny at the opposite end.A bearing or alternator maybe? Regards the clutch end might it be the thrust bearing or possbly not set up right when the swap done? Thanks, H