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  1. Air-conditioning Service - Issues

    I have had my 2009 1.4 titanium from new. I have had that problem since I bought it. I had it back twice but they assured me it was normal. Any idea what the fix was Sheldon.
  2. Whats Anti-Stall

    Is it the ability to release the clutch without applying revs to the car to move off.
  3. My 58 plate 1.4 titanium registered January 2009 has jus reached 54,000 miles. I average 9,000 miles per year. Apart from replacing the alloys because of buckling, it's been trouble free touch wood. I've owned it from new.
  4. 1.4 titanium January 2009 just coming up to 54,000 miles
  5. Try Burford1120 on ebay breaks lots late fiestas.
  6. Fiesta Mk7 Spare Wheel/sealant And Jack.

    Check burford1120 on ebay he breaks lots late fiestas got my kit off him complete £80.
  7. Wiper Blades

    230952858195 check these out on ebay work for me. All three blades for just under £13.
  8. Samsung S4 And 60 Plate Fiesta Problem

    Maybe something to do with how you store contacts but not sure if they have to be saved to phone or sim
  9. Pollen Filter

    plenty on ebay around £8 upwards with free postage.
  10. I Cant Get The Bottom Chain Cover Off A9Ja Engine

    don't know if this will help maybe show you the screws etc
  11. Fiesta Spare Wheel ( Or Lack Of )

    I got a full brand new spare wheel kit from a 2012 fiesta on ebay look up burford1120 as a seller he breaks lots late reg fiestas I paid £80 plus postage.
  12. Bluetooth Usb Problem

    Thanks will take a look. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Ford OC mobile app
  13. Bluetooth Usb Problem

    Got a 2009 titanium was listening to music on my usb stick changed to the radio then back to usb. Everthing showing on display as playing but no sound. Tried another usb stick but same. Phone is showing as connected on bluetooth but that is same silence, but all functions there ie. phone book etc. Any ideas anyone is there a fuse I can pull for a reset without going to the trouble of disconnecting the battery and if so where thanks to anyone who can help. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Ford OC mobile app
  14. Have alook on eBay at burford1120 he's breaking some late fiestas got my spare wheel kit of him brand new for £75 he has lots stuff. You could mail him and ask.
  15. New 205/40/r17's

    Try www.camskill.co.uk good prices easy site to get around and try www.tyrereviews.co.uk for reviews for tyres. I get my local tyrefitter to fit them.