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  1. Car Wont Start Please Help P0251

    Wel I think ive sorted it, a guy came out today and coded my injectors in, the 504z's wouldn't fire even after they had been coded. Put my 501z's back in.. which diesel specialist told me needed replacing, coded them up, ran lumpy for a bit. 30 miles on they run sweet. Think naybe 1 is sticking a bit but he has advised me to run it for a few days and see what its like before a leak back test. 100% happy with the guy who came out today. Yes car had full service, everything done, has 142k on clock wuth full service history
  2. Common Problems?

    Can anyone list any more common problems on a mk3 mondeo?! Ive owned my 55 plate Mondeo about 3 months, its spent about half of that parked up! So far its had ghe following; Full fuel system-pump died so changed all system, injectors, rail, tank, filter and all pipes. Brand new EGR valve. Refurbished electronic turbo actuator. Turbo replaced. New battery. Wheel bearings replaced. Starter replaced. Solid flywheel and clutch conversion. Decat pipe-cat clogged up with soot. I do all my own work so have saved a fortune, but id rather it just run! I need a reliable car for my 60 mile a day commute, seriously thinking of changing cars if this is to continue! Its currently broken down. Waiting for a diesel specialist to come out on Monday. So are there any more expensive repairs I may come across that I can check before it breaks again? This is my third mk3 mondeo. The other 2 ended up as cubes! Thanks
  3. Car Wont Start Please Help P0251

    I haven't had them coded, but it did run fine, ive just spoken to a couple of diesel specialists and they have advised leak off check to see if an injector is dumping. They both said un coded injectors should still fire up. I will advise the outcome. Thanks
  4. Car Wont Start Please Help P0251

    Yeah, not as much as you would think, I had a doner car for most of parts. I have done all the work myself. Diesel specialist quoted £ 1500 for the fuel system
  5. After battling with my fuel system for some time, I changed the lot. Tank, sender, filter, pump, rail, injectors, and all pipes. It took some getting going but eventually started. Then when fired on key, it would sit at 500rpm struggling to run for about 5 seconds then ran great. After no more than 30 miles, it started to cut out on motorway, I kept having to bump it off. Then as I was leaving the motorway it shut down fully and wont re start. I have also just had the electronic actuator refurbished as that was faulty before. I have read the codes and got P0251. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Turbo Rebuild

    Does anyone know much about the wastegate mechanism inside turbo for mondeo 2.0 TDCi 130? Ive bought a mondeo with turbo issues, the guy I bought it from had changed the actual turbo but kept the old (faulty) electronic boost actuator. After digging around a bit, I found out about the connection problems inside and got about soldering them up. Got that part working but the turbo was so clogged up with soot that the actuator was stuck. So ive dismantled the turbo, leaving the cartridge part entact, fully stripped down the wastegate mechanism, cleaned it and am now in the process of rebuilding, is there anything to be carefull of when doing this? Ive got all relevant locating pins, spacersand rollers, just wwondering if anyone has done this with feedback good or bad to give? Thanks
  7. Breaking Thread Section?

    Ah, so there is! Il go have a browse!!
  8. Breaking Thread Section?

    Really? Is there an app or something for it?
  9. Breaking Thread Section?

    Ah right, ok, will have to stick wuth ebay then, don't really post much on here due to using mobile
  10. Hi guys, apologies if its simple to find but I use a mobile phone on this forum and its very confusing! Im looking to see if there is a for sale/wanted area on here? I have some parts from my old 2001 mondeo knocking around still and ive just bought a 55 plate tdci 130 to replace my 2003 tdci 130. Will be selling interior from 55 plate and panels from 03 plate. Thanks in advance
  11. Thank you for the info, yes it is in/out on the shaft. What is vnt? My turbo/egr system is vacuum, ni sensor on turbo or egr. I work for a bearing company, can you just replace the bearing in the turbo if that's the problem? Thanks
  12. Hi guys, I bought the kit above, excellent seller, £135.00 including courier. Delivered to my work. Got it done in the day. Old flywheel was wobbling allover, cant believe it stayed fixed in its state! Found a couple other issues along the way, driveshaft oil seal was gone, so thats replaced, cv boot too. Also found out that its got no cat, its got a lovely bit of stainless from manifold down to front pipe. Since doing the flywheel, ive had a couple small issues but think its almost sorted, a boost pipe split, and my egr is clogged up. Ive replaced boost pipe with one from wreckers and ive stuck a ball bearing in my vac pipe. Seems to be solved for now until I clean inlet system out and put a blank plate in egr. Does anyone know about the turbos on these? My spindle moves in and out, what part has gone and can I replace it myself? It still boosts up and shifts as if theres nothing wrong, but I want to remap it. But only when I trust it! Thanks
  13. Its on ebay, seller has over 12000 feedback. 40000 miles/4yr warranty. Ive heard a lot of people who have swapped to solid flywheel with no problems. But there are also s lot of people advise not to do it due to gearbox or crank
  14. Good evening guys, ive bought a 2003 Mondeo that requires a dual mass flywheel, it still drives but rattles. my question is..... Is it safe to fit a solid flywheel/clutch replacement without any problems? I will be doing all the work myself, with the help of my dad so no labour to pay, ive found a solid replacement flywheel/clutch kit for £148 delivered. Thank-you
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums Jay30685 :)