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  1. Happy Birthday Shugs2010!

  2. Ahhh stereo fitted and working perfectly :)

  3. Stalk Controls Mk1

    Thanks! I've been !Removed! over this for ages, seems so simple now I've seen it done though lol 😉
  4. Stalk Controls Mk1

    Well all is sorted and I now have a working stalk!!! Basically the leads I was given had a piece missing so the guy shredded up a few wires and did another block connector that ran from the patch lead to the 3rd connector from the main wiring loom. Hope you can understand from the pic
  5. Stalk Controls Mk1

    Hmmm I checked the wires after reading your 1st post, I couldn't see any exposed wire and everything feels tight. It's took me about 5mins to convince the guy behind the counter that I could fit the HU in in the 1st place, think he just saw a woman talking crap until I took him outside and showed him what I had done lol Watch it be something so simple, fingers crossed it gets sorted tomorrow and I will let you know what it was ;)
  6. Stalk Controls Mk1

    Grrrrr so frustrating. This suggestion hasn't worked for me. I'm going to a car audio shop tomorrow if they solve the problem I will post what they did to fix it!!
  7. Stalk Controls Mk1

    I'm having the same problem with mine. Got bought a JVC kw600bt for Xmas, been and bought all the leads But the stalk still doesn't work grrrrrr my patch lead doesn't look like either of yours
  8. Arghhhh I cannot get my patch lead to work my steering wheel controls

  9. Arghhhh I cannot get my patch lead to work my steering wheel controls

  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Shugs2010 :)

    1. Shugs2010


      Thanks Steve :)