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  1. Happy Birthday Lewis25!

  2. Mondeo Radio 6006E

    Ah i dont fancy going single din, Would this radio fit http://www.mondeospares.co.uk/ford-9000-vnr-cd-player-sat-nav-1995---2003-87-p.asp Thanks
  3. Mondeo Radio 6006E

    Ah, It's a 2001 model so my Alpine wont fit? Lewis
  4. Wouldn't say I was "had" considering as someone has posted a good replacement will cost around £100-120 and I don't posses the tools to perform the repair myself. And still much cheaper than Dealership
  5. Mondeo Radio 6006E

    Thanks Stoney871 That is exactly what i needed to know :) Lewis
  6. Replacement offside rear wheel bearing cost me £200 to get replaced, £175 cheaper than my local ford dealership
  7. Hey All My Mondeo has the 6006e radio fitted to it, And it is officially FUBAR (if you don't know that acronym watch saving private Ryan) So my question is will the radio i had in my old car fit, i understand i need a wiring harness and adaptor for the steering wheel controls but im more worried about the unit not fitting in the hole, heres an image of the radio. any help will be appreciated Lewis
  8. Mondeo Owner

    Hey guys and gals Picked up a MK 3 Mondeo Ghia Last month Thought i would say hi befor i come asking for help :D Lewis
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Lewis25 :)