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  1. Guide Prices

    I have a 1.6 zetec ford focus (2001). It had its MOT today and failed on one thing. The exact wording is "offside suspension arm has excessive play in a ball joint", The car is booked in to have this rectified on Wednesday but does anyone have any guide prices and how long it would take to do? Thanks
  2. Car Gone Wrong Again :-(

    It was not the AA guy who suggested all of these things. Things started going wrong all at once and these were what my Dad and a friend (with a hand held reader) found to be the problem. The only thing the AA guy found was the temp sensor which incidently resolved the last issue that was coming up with the engine management light being on. The first thing he did when he arrived was plug his reader in and this was the only fault. Having the AA guy out again, he changed a fuse which he said wass linked to the fuel pump and this resolved the most recent issue. He plugged in his reader and no faults came up after fixing this. He did, however, suggest that maybe my fuel pump and/or fuel injectors might be getting tired or as a result of the age of the car or that there might be water getting into the tank. He said if I start having this starting issue again it might be them. Are they quite pricey to replace? And is it worth getting them changed anyway or just wait for it to go wrong again? I considered getting rid of the car but a friend said that the amount of money I have spent recently to get it running as well as it is, he said keep getting these bits done as and when they crop up. Thanks for the hep so far.
  3. Car Gone Wrong Again :-(

    Its cranking over but won't start
  4. Car Gone Wrong Again :-(

    So after weeks of problems with my car it appears all problems were sorted: new battery, new cat, new spark plugs, new lambda sensor, new expansion tank, new thermostat and most recently new temp sensor. We have had ALOT of snow over the last day or so as I imagine a few people have. My Dad went to start my car today (it has sat there since Thursday afternoon it is now Saturday afternoon) and it wouldn't start. He said it seems like there is no spark although it is turning over. He took te plugs out and they were all clean and there was no water or moisture on or around them. Last week what I thought was the final issue was the temp sensor which was fitted by the AA when the car kept cutting out. I don't want to have to call them out for this problem as well if I don't have to. Anyone have any suggestions or is literally just the cold? it's been one thing after another lately and now i just feel :(
  5. I've recently had this problem where the temperature gauge wasn't working. Along with this, I was having idle problems - do you have that as well? Anyway, I have a focus so this may be different. My problem was with the "cylinder head temperature sensor". I had the AA out this morning because the car stalled everytime I put it into gear, he fitted this new part and all ok now. And the part was less than £20. Hope this helps
  6. Trouble Starting My Car - Please Help :-)

    ok so new problem to add....the last couple of days the car has been starting perfectly fine. when I left work today, it started fine but the engine light came back on. A bit later I stopped off at a shop but when I got back in the car, it cut out when I put it into drive. The revs shot up to 4000 then dropped down to under 1000 and cut out. I tried leaving it for a minute to see if it sorted itself out but it cuts out each time. What might this be?
  7. Trouble Starting My Car - Please Help :-)

    Trying to keep costs down so yeah trying to do as much as possible, and also need the car on a daily basis so all the while it actually runs, I can't really afford for it to be in a garage I have a family friend who is a mechanic and he is doing as much as possible for me before I have to result in going to a specialist or anything like that. He has a diagnostic reader which he plugged in and got the codes which were ultimately resolved by changing the lambda sensor - is this the live data scanner you mention or is this more advanced? Since the lambda sensor was changed last week, I have had no engine management light.
  8. Trouble Starting My Car - Please Help :-)

    Thanks.... As you can probably tell, I am a complete novice
  9. Trouble Starting My Car - Please Help :-)

    Stef123 - when you say plugs, do you mean the spark plugs? They are all brand new....
  10. Trouble Starting My Car - Please Help :-)

    Thanks for replies so far. "How did you burn the car out in the first instance? Did it block up or break up due to over fuelling?" I think it got over-fuelled when I was having trouble getting it started. And then when going up hill, it used to a struggle a bit. This one particular day it starting slowing right down and there was a burning from underneath with ALOT of black smoke and then the car just stopped completely. It was after this I got all these new parts fitted and it just hasn't started right since
  11. This is my first ever post and would appreciate any help as I am running out of money trying to resolve this problem and am not in a position to buy a new car. :( I have a 2001 focus, 1.6 zetec Automatic. About 3 weeks ago (after a few weeks of rough idling) the car just would not start when I left work. I got it started but soon it just cut out. I got my Dad out to help, he got it started but then going up hill, the CAT burnt out. We eventually got it back home and have had the following works done: New CAT fitted, new lambda sensor, new battery, new spark plugs (and I don't know if they are related to this but new expansion tank and new thermostat). Having all this done has fixed the idling problems that I have been having but now the following occurs. The car will not start unless my foot is flat on the accelerator and it takes a good few seconds to finally start. When it does, the revs go straight up to 3000-4000 (I assume this is because my foot was on the accelerator). I have to wait a minute or two before I can put the car in gear otherwise it either jumps forward or just cuts out again. Most occasions I have to attempt to start the car twice and I am rather concerned that keep doing this, it is going to cause ALOT more damage and flood the engine. Once the car is running, it runs really well and there are no longer idling problems when waiting at lights etc. There is alot of white smoke that appears when the car eventually starts (which I have not noticed before so don't know if it is related or I am being paranoid) which disappears once on the move and it stinks of petrol. PLEASE PLEASE HELP as I am now too scared to stop anywhere (even to get petrol) in case I cannot start again. Thanks in advance
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums nuttyamy :)