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    Hello Hi. I've just bought a white 12 plate Fiesta Metal and I'm slyly comparing your photos to what my car looks like. I'm a bit jealous that my car doesn't have the Sony stereo or the city pack but apart from that, I'm fairly well-equipped. I've got two quick questions... 1) Can someone please talk me through briefly what the trip computer is showing me at every push of the mode button. I've got MPG (which is obvious) but another MPG reading, but one with a circle and line through it etc. What does it mean? The handbook is as useful as asking Bruce Forsyth to explain the offside rule without bursting into some dancing. 2) I'm aware that although the METAL is a limited edition car, I'm seeing a lot more (or other Fiesta owners trying to make their Zetec S's look like METALs) so how can I make subtle changes which makes mine look even more unique. I'm hearing "upgrade/paint the brake calipers", "get some privacy glass for the back windows", "vinyl wrap the roof" but they're all quite expensive options. He's anyone got any further tips? Thanks
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Rapastrophic :)