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  1. Rds 6000 Which Plays Mp3S

    I've just found one of these stereos to put in my X reg focus but i wondered how it works with the CD changer, is it 6 audio discs in the changer as usual and 1 mp3 disc in the stereo itself?
  2. I have always thought the exact same thing about my 2.0 petrol Focus (which averages 28mpg!), the trip computer seems to be completely dependant on what i'm doing so even in 5th gear at 30mph if i plant the throttle the real time mpg figures will show about 7mpg. I've never gotten 400 miles from a full tank and i have 53 litres to play with, the most i've managed is 379 miles. I'm not complaining, i knew the car was going to be thirsty when i bought it and i love driving it no matter how much it drinks! The only thing i will say is that a nice little petrol warning light would be nice, as i have always had to rely on the trip computer to beep at me when i need fuel and the trip does vary massively depending on how i'm driving. I do have a fuel guage but is it so much to ask for a light next to that guage when it's running low? I have owned two different Fiesta's before and both had low fuel lights, seems silly that the Focus doesn't. Rant over, :)
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums NickBob :)