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  1. Because it probably doesn't have the ability to extract them and let's be honest, you didn't either as it clearly says in the instructions to do so. ;)
  2. Mine was even rarer till you copied me. ;)
  3. Stick a couple of coats of Collinite 476 all over, wheels an' all and it'll last easily till next March.
  4. The mods are like good referees, you forget they are there. Keep up the good work guys and gals. B)
  5. give us some examples, i'm intrigued.
  6. There's some heavy stuff in those to be fair. ;)
  7. That's more than likely down to the idiots in the call centres who don't have a clue about what they are talking about. Fitting winter tyres should not put your insurance up or give them an excuse to void insurance. You should ask to speak to someone more knowledgeable on the subject.
  8. Me? Nothing. It's fine as it is as far as I'm concerned. I mean, how much hard work is scrolling the middle button on your mouse to reveal all the threads on a page and why should the forum change just to suit people who want to use a smart phone to browse the internet.
  9. If the extra cost and storage aren't an issue, then go ahead and get them as they are much, much better than summer tyres. This pic was from winter 2009/10, last years was worse and you can see how far I got that morning, couldn't even get off the drive. With winter tyres I'd have got to work no problem. Great if you want a lie in though. ;) Personally, I can't justify the best part of £1000 for tyres to enable me to use the BMW for the one week mine was off the road.
  10. They're insightful, educational, sarcastic and sometimes funny, what better credentials for Pinned threads.
  11. There are 6 pinned threads out of 40 on a page, that's around 15% of the real estate, not too much to complain about. Ha ha, just noticed there are 7 now, still not a problem though, that's what the mouse wheel was invented for.
  12. ..or just get a better smart (sic) phone. ;)
  13. Back to the original post, I would say they have done everything they needed to do for you, ie sort out the bumper. The problems lies in the way they dealt with you on a personal level, ie telling you they would do it whilst your wait when that was far from the truth and lack of communication. Use the feedback from that the dealer gave you and be honest on it and if that means criticising the salesman,then so be it, that's what it's for. You won't get anything for it, you have no right to compensation from what I've read, just give them the feedback and leave it at that.
  14. Mine does, 40 threads per page and 40 posts per page in threads, so yours is obviously not that smart then. ;) Personally, couldn't be arsed browsing or interacting on forums with my phone, too much of a pain all round. Lol, there's only 8 people voted. And some of them probably voted like that because they don't know about the 40 thread options. The majority, I feel, use forums with PC's and it is perfectly fine on a PC.
  15. Leave it as it is. People are having problems because their profile isn't set up properly to show 40 threads/posts per page. See my other post on the subject for details of how to change. Maybe make it a pinned thread.
  16. If you left click the mouse pointer over your username and select My Settings from the pop up menu, then select the Forums tab, you can adjust how many Topics per page (upto 40) and how many posts per page (upto 40) in drop down menus.
  17. I have an E46 M3. The paint is tough as teak and flat and is in better nick, well was till last weekend, than the Fiesta's. I've read lot's of stories on the E90 series about orange peel and people who have gone to the length of having the whole car flatted to get rid of it. I think the eoc friendly paint has a lot to do with it these days, another thing the !Removed! tree huggers have ruined for us. ;) I know what you mean about the Fiesta's paint regarding being thin. Just a light blow on the engine bay etc, it should be painted properly, as should underneath the bonnet and rear hatch shuts, but I suppose that's robots and time and motion for you.
  18. Spot on, Silver hides a multitude of sins. Mine (BMW) can be cleaned the same day as the Fiesta but after a week the Fiesta will look filthy whereas mine can go a month without looking too bad. Of course, close up you can see, but from a distance they look clean, just a darker shade of Silver. Just spent all weekend detailing the Fiesta ready for winter and it looks stunning but I just know if the wife has been out in it today in the rainy conditions it will not look a patch on how it was yesterday.
  19. Christ, the paint on Fords is awful. Orange peel and super soft. Spent all weekend and half of Friday getting the Fiesta ready for winter. All wheels off, cleaned front and back, polished and two coats of Collinite 476 and wheel wells cleaned and protected. Snow foamed, washed, rinsed, clayed, washed, rinsed, tardis, washed, rinse, Iron X, washed, rinsed. Engine bay, cleaned and protected the plastics. Then the fun bit (not!!!) Masked the whole car then got to it with Porter Cable with swirl buster 6" pad and a 4" sonus cutting pad and Menzerna Intensive Polish to get rid of all the swirls, micro scratches that the stupidly soft lacquer seems to attract. Only good point about it being soft is it's easier to clear the scratched. A coat of Meguairs #7 Show Glaze and then finished off with Collinite 476 with 2 coats to roof and bonnet. (pretty much had enough by then). Done all the plastics, grille, diffuser, mirror housings, trim and splitter with Black Wow. Absolutely knackered and back to work this morning at 6 and doesn't feel like I've had a weekend off. Must say though, the car looked immaculate, lovely shine and reflections that are only spoiled by the orange peel and much better than when it was delivered 2 and a half years ago, non of the dealer monkey scratches on it now. trouble is, will be filthy again in 2 weeks. 22 micro fibres, 4 Terry towels, 2 drying towls,5 application sponges left on the line to try and dry out as it was raining this morning when I got up but at least the Fiesta was beading lovely and I'm impressed with the Black Wow on the trim, that beads lovely too. B) Only got to do my BMW with it's notoriously hard paint this weekend (weather permitting) then that's it, all ready for the winter.
  20. The most accurate response would be from your local Ford dealer to be honest as they can vary from place to place and don't be afraid to haggle with them, don't take as gospel what they tell you. I got them to price match a nationwide service centre last year and saved quite a bit, £185 down to £130 if I remember correctly.
  21. Somebody must have robbed them as mentioned earlier.
  22. This. They are a right pain in the !Removed! to get off so i doubt mine would ever fall off. I get the impression the reason why they may fall off is that they haven't been replaced properly when removed.
  23. OK, The boot width is approximately 40 inches (1020mm or 102cm)across the floor but the sides are pretty vertical. The gap to get in the boot is slightly narrower at the edges because of the profile of the opening. With rear seats up you have a usuable space of about 20 inches (510mm or 51cm) the from sill to back of seats, at sill gap height, the seats are angled slightly to the back of the car and the gap obviously narrowers the higher you get due to the hatchback as well. With rear seats down that expands to approx 55 inches (1420mm or 142cm) from sill to back of front seats. Of course you can move front seats back and forth to alter that gap, I just measured it as the wife sets her seat. Height shouldn't be an issue for what you need, there's plenty of room for that. Just to add, this was a 3dr, but I can't see there being much difference and I would imagine if there was, it would imagine it would be for the better in a 5 door.
  24. KeithC


    As per my other posts, the diesel will only be faster if you don't want to change gear and that means in town or on the motorway.
  25. KeithC


    There's something on Ford's website in the fuel/performance/emissions sheet concerning 31 - 62 mph but states this is timed in 4th gear only. Fuel/Performance/Emissions As you can see, the diesel does it in 9.9 and the petrol in 12.6 secs, but this is misleading as the petrol will get from 0 - 62 in the same time the diesel gets from 31 - 62mph. If the gears are used I'm sure the petrol would be quicker, similar to the 0 - 60 times hence my point that the 30 - 50mph and 50 - 70mph figures don't show their true worth.
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