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  1. Mk6 Dash Question

    Ok, thanks for your help :-) ill look properly next time haha
  2. Mk6 Dash Question

    Thanks for you help!! Here's the link for it, I hope but comes up ok Look at this on eBay: FORD FIESTA RADIO SURROUND 2002/2008 MK6/7 http://bit.ly/13PpAJQ I didn't know you could cancel bids ill try that. But if anyone wants a new dash there is one here for sale lol.
  3. Mk6 Dash Question

    Hi there, Sorry if this has already been posted but I couldn't find any info on the subject, basically, I have placed a bid on a dash panel for my 03 mk6 fiesta. After looking again the description says it has been taken out of the facelift fiesta mk6 zetec (mk6.5, I should have double checked, I know it's my own fault) my question is wiuld this still fit my mk6 fiesta? I know the buttons are in different places but are the plugs the same? And has this been done before? I haven't won the bidding yet so this may be a pointless question, Thank in advance Emma
  4. Fiesta Locking Problem

    I have found the spring I think haha, just got to figure out how to put it Back in now
  5. Fiesta Locking Problem

    Like a spring*
  6. Fiesta Locking Problem

    Thank you for your reply, it seems as though there's no resistance in the handle, like a Siri g us missing so to speak?
  7. Fiesta Locking Problem

    Any help??
  8. Fiesta Locking Problem

    hi, i have recently purchased a 2003 mk6 fiesta, however, i have found out that the passenger door doesn't lock, with the key, or the remote or from the inside, my guessing is it is a seized door lock solenoid, which is on its way. The problem i have is in trying to remove the locking mechanism, i have some how managed to stop the outside handle from working, and the door doesnt catch on the latch any more can any one help me with trying to fix the handle at least, or a guide on how to remove and refit the door locking mechanism, i have been searching but cant find anything. Many thanks in advance!!
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Messy1989 :)