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  1. Good morning mates, i have a 1997 fiesta 1.4 zetec, after a week period try to start it but no lights on dash when turn the ingnition switch (those red lights illuminate for a short time period), no starter turn or even a tick noise from its barrel, the internal cabin light becames dim. The battery is in good condition, check all relays and fuses relative to engine management (cabin, engine compartment) Does anybody ever face the same issue? A thought of mine is about immobilizer but is deep water for me.......... Thank you all in advance Emmanuel
  2. Good day to all, does anybody knows if Fiesta 1998 has relay for door lock and where it located? To be more specific the locks sudenly start to operate itself with non stop action, and when i get out of the car locks and not open. Only the hatch door was normal and enter from there. Does any body face that issue?
  3. Fiesta Mk 4 Dipstick

    Good evening to all. Is anybody who knows what kind of oil dipstick fit on fiesta mk 4.
  4. Gearbox Linkage Adjustment

    The problem is that does not engage so easily as before the 2nd and the reverse gear.
  5. Good morning to all and Happy Holidays!!! I have a Fiesta mk4 and recently change my clutch assy due to miliage. Any ideas about how to adjust the gear shift lever with the gear shift on the gearbox?
  6. I believe that is not so simple as you mention, according to your very first post. My opinion is that you must check for proper operation the ignition switch, frankly for me sounds like some kind of ark in there. Another issue is that somewhere there is an current leak under circumstances.
  7. Good morning Rayan, please be more specific about which lights on dash were on, e.g. the ignition lights or the dash illumination. Emmanouel
  8. Haynes Manual For Fiesta Mk4

    Thanks Jake and I already sent him an e mail because the page didnt allow to make a direct payment as far as it concern the foreign byers perhaps and mention that tells about international postage.
  9. Good morning to all, I recently bought a second hand Fiesta mk4, which have a Zetec 1.4 engine on it. Despite i find many manuals in e-bay two problems arise. First none of the sellers sent the books to Greece and second, if the manual cover the specific engine type also. Thanks in advance.
  10. As far as it concerns the tension of the drive belt is pretty good but the problem still exist.
  11. Good morning to all, Alan you have right, and in that way i intend to move....the story goes like this....i look the whole system more closely and found a electronic board with the heater levers goes on it and a flow control valve. With my few knowlege about electronics i check both the board and valve and see unfotunately that both of them are dead. Therefor i decided to change the filosophy of the system and make it like old days.
  12. Good morning everybody, the drive belt of my fiesta is very noisy and my heater stays on all the time even i close the heater levers. Any ideas?
  13. Drive Shaft Removal

    Thanks for the note, I already put the shaft to its place. The oil seal was pretty good and priot to refit I put some oil around for better fitment but I took it up to my mind to see if I have some leak. Many thanks again!!!!!
  14. Drive Shaft Removal

    Good evening guys and many thanks for all the usefull information. It took me few seconds to drive it out of its place by the use of a common pry bar!!!
  15. Drive Shaft Removal

    Good morning and thanks for the speedy reply. You mean that if place a suitable screwdriver or a lever between the inner end of drive shaft and gear box and I have a little luck with me it comes out? :)