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  1. Some Damage Advice

    hi first things first you say you hit a bump in the road have you had a good look underneath the rest of the car because you could have damaged a lot more than you think ie brake pipes fuel lines best option take to a bodyshop that give a free estimate and then you can tell best option
  2. Auto Box On 09 2Litre D

    hi just asking any ideas on my smax auto gearbox seems to be really sluggish changing up through the box at low revs been always serviced at fords had new turbo fitted 6 months ago any ideas or just take it to autobox speci
  3. Ford Focus Rear Wiper

    hi is worth checking the wiring between roof and tailgate because where you keep opening and shutting tailgate wiring in the rubber sleave gets crushed or broken which can cause a intermittent fault
  4. just joined club hope to enjoy and help out if pos
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums jameso :)