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  1. Engine Swap?

    Hi all, I'm looking at swapping the engine in my 2010 Fiesta 1.25, to a MR155 (Mountune tuned 1.6). The engine comes with the gearbox, air box and ECU. Would this be possible, i.e would the new ecu just plug and play or would it be an extremely complicated pain in the !Removed!? If anyone has anything to share then it would be a massive help, thanks!!!
  2. Fiesta Mk7 1.25 Lowering Springs

    Fitted the springs, fairly simple process when you follow the guide on here. Rear springs took about 20 minutes each, front ones took a couple of hours each. As I thought, the springs still worked great, even though they are for the 1.6, and give the car a much sportier stance! Handling is also vastly improved around the corners. I can go 10-20mph faster around corners that before it would have felt as if you were going to loose control. The ride is a little firmer, but nothing to complain about. Overall I'm very happy I fitted them, and would recommend them to anyone else! The pictures attached show before and after, the after picture is the one directly from the side, and the before picture is at more of an angle :)
  3. Fiesta Mk7 1.25 Lowering Springs

    Update: Bought the springs anyway :P Should be getting then fitted this week, so I'll update this with any relevant info for anyone else who's interested :)
  4. Fiesta Mk7 1.25 Lowering Springs

    Cheers for the reply. Yeah that's what I had been thinking, I've also messaged Lo, but no reply as of yet. How much heavier can the front of the 1.6 actually be though compared to the 1.25, surely it can't be THAT different. As long as the car would look lower all round I wouldnt really mind :P
  5. Hey guys, a friend has offered me some 30mm lowering springs that are made by Lo. The thing is, they are advertised as being for the 1.6 Fiesta rather than my 1.25. Lo also do specific springs for the1.25. Now I know that the engine in the 1.6 will be slightly heavier, but my question is, will these springs from the 1.6 fit my 1.25 fiesta, and if so, will they still lower it by the same amount?
  6. Fiesta Mk7 3Dr Rear Interior Plastics Removal

    The dent seems too big to try that method :p It's about 30cm square... There is split paint above the dent, but there's no folds in the metal. I'll attach pictures when I next get the chance :) Is the interior ridiculously difficult to get off in one piece then? Because if so then I'll leave it rather than ruin my interior ;)
  7. Hey guys, I was just wondering if there is any specific way of removing the interior plastics in the rear of my Fiesta mk7 or any specific tools that I will need. When I say the interior plastics, I mean where the rear door cards would be (if it had rear doors that is ;) ). My reason for this is I have a large "ish" dent which I would like to try and push out a little bit or fix completely. Any help would be appreciated :)
  8. Will My Fiesta Pass It's Mot?

    Hi all, My fiesta has it's MOT due soon and there are some points which are causing me worry. These things are: Broken Door Mirror (Near Side) - It's still attached to the car, wobbles around a little and the glass is smashed. You can't tilt the mirror because the motor is damaged, and this makes the mirror pretty much un-usable... (No picture) Damaged Bumper - It's very small damage... There is a crack in the bumper, but it leaves part of a metal bar slightly exposed (not sure if it's the chassis). See picture below... Broken Headlight Connectors - The headlights function perfectly, but the brackets or screws near the front bumper are snapped. See pictures So... does it have much chance of passing the MOT? Hopefully someone here will know the answer ;)
  9. Mk7 Fiesta Repair Prices?

    Thanks for the replies, and sorry I haven't been able to respond, haven't had much free time recently. I think my first post made it seem like there is more damage than there actually is. This time i will attach pictures of the damage to explain a little better. The damage is as follows... Front Bumper: Front Wing Grille Damage Completely Broken WingMirror In response to the person who asked what the damage to the roof was, it is only paintwork damage, hence why I asked about re-spraying :) There is no mechanical damage that I can see or feel, I guess the garage will be the judge of that though... Hopefully this clears up confusion from my first post. Also, I looked on the Ford Parts website and found the price of the bumper and grille... (Bumper) http://www.fordparts...3519_c_1030.htm (Grille) http://www.fordparts...32210_c_418.htm This all seems quite expensive... *sigh*, Are these the sort of prices for parts I should be expecting to hear from the bodyshop? And now you've seen the damage in the pictures above, are the prices you guys said above still correct? Thanks again for the help :)
  10. Mk7 Fiesta Repair Prices?

    Hi all, I'm new to the forums so excuse me if a say anything stupid... My Fiesta has been involved in an accident recently involving only my car, and there is some substantial cosmetic damage. What I wanted to know was if anyone here on the forums has had any respraying done to the car and any body parts replaced, and if so how much it would cost. The areas in need of a respray would be the entire front end of the car, so wings, bonnet and doors, also the roof. My second question is how much it will cost to buy, spray and fit a new front bumper and grille to my car. All the work would be done either at a local garage professionally, or by Ford themselves. Other than this damage, there is no mechanical damage at all and the car runs fine. I think I'm quite lucky about that! Any help to do with prices or anything else would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Rampage646 :)