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  1. Central Locking Problems

    Thanks for your advice, I've located the module, seems easy enough to remove and replace. will replacing it resolve the deadlocked passenger door problem? I'm guessing i'll need to re-program the key as well won't I? Many thanks.
  2. Central Locking Problems

    Thanks for reply, Excuse my ignorance, i'm guessing the locking module is what i can hear clicking and is situated somewhere around the driver foot well? would it simply be a case of replacing the whole module? would that release the deadlock on the passenger door do you know? What sort of price would i be looking at roughly? Thanks in advanced.
  3. Hello All, my central locking has packed up. The remote key is lifeless on doors and boot. I can open the drivers door with the key but thats it. The light by the clock in on constantly and blinks intermittently with a clicking sound coming somewhere from down under the steering wheel. the passenger door is deadlocked and will not open at all. Any help or ideas would be gratefully received. MK2 mondeo v reg. 2.0 zetec.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums kkbc :)