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  1. New Side Lights

    Okay cheers mate will do at the weekend :)
  2. New Side Lights

    Well I have problems with police in my area as they stopped me to ask me what I was doing & then told me I had no insurance so what I did was I got my insurance papers from in the glove box and they was confused when I gave them lol and there answer was my insurance company hasn't updated there system so the police haven't got any records of my insurance haha what a load of rubbish!
  3. New Side Lights

    Okay mate I will try what you did first then if that don't work then gonna take it to someone and you know if it cost a lot ?
  4. New Side Lights

    Haha init well I am driving down the road at one point and the waters going over my bonet that's how high the water was on the road lol
  5. New Side Lights

    No way mate I have had this horrible smell in my car that's why I been cleaning it so much we have had a lot of water and flooding around my area and I went down this road and the water came in through the bottom of the door seals and have puddles in my car so I dryer it out and clean them and scrubed the carpets with hot water and fairy liquid and it still smells have you got any ideas for me haha
  6. Window Deflectors For A Fiesta 1999

    I have ordered some from that site thanks mate :)
  7. New Side Lights

    What do you think ? Anyone know any where but halfords I can get some blue bulbs for my main beam ?
  8. Window Deflectors For A Fiesta 1999

    I am new to this forum sorry which bit do I need post this topic in ?
  9. Anyone know where I can get window deflectors for my fiesta I am not sure what mark it is but is a 1999 that's the year it was made. I have been looking around on the Internet at all different places like halfords and what not . But have anyone got any ideas ?
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums McNeil :)