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  1. Hi Guys, I get this weird whooshing noise coming up when i depress the clutch in to change gear in any rev or gears. The voice is like somebody is blowing air through a tube or pipe. I only get it when i depress the clutch. I am stuck figuring out what can it be since i recently had the dreaded dmf failure and had all the associated parts changed DUAL MASS FLYWHEEL CLUTCH PRESSURE PLATE CLUTCH DRIVEN PLATE STARTER MOTOR HYDRAULIC CONENTRIC CLUTCH SLAVE CYLINDER RELEASE BEARING CSC RUBBER DUST COVER All of the above was changed less then 3000 miles ago. Could it be that it could be one of the above that has failed? Symptoms are different then the ones i had when dmf failed. Like the starter motor iron filings issue, Clutch getting stuck in etc. What do you guys think it is? Car spec: 51 reg mondeo tddi 98k miles.
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums b19uks :)