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  1. touche young man!!!!! hahaha thanks again
  2. thankyou guys both for your replies, thankyou for clearing that up for me quickly too, looks like Ive got something to do tomorrow afternoon now hahaha
  3. hi all, just to get this out of the way, I know very little about car repair maintenance as I have only been driving a short while and am picking things up as I come across them and their solutions so please do excuse a certain level of "ignorance" (for want of a better term) from myself just wanted to ask a quick question, i'm in search of some help and advice, I bought my 2006 (55 plate) 1.6 diesel focus lx just a couple of months ago, recently had it serviced and mot'd, flew through the mot with a couple of "you should sort this out byt the next service" items cropping up on the service report, they are as follows need two new front tyres (easy enough to get sorted) needed new brake fluid (had the guys at fords do that for me) and most importantly needs new brake pads on the front wheels as the existing ones are 70% worn my question is this, i was told by someone i work with that some ford focus's, especially the "newer ones" need to be connected to a computer and a special tool required to push the pistons out of the way (is this the right term) back in order to get the pads changed and the compter needs to know that new pads are being fitted is this the case or would it be a stright forward job just like when I had and changed brake pads on my '97 ka or '98 fiesta?! do i need to get a garage to do it due to the computer and "special piston tool" requirements?! or can a novice like myself do them easily enough?! many thanks in advance for all you help
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums hippiedan :)