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  1. Thinking Of An S Max 2.0 Tdci

    Thanks for your response Greg.. I have seen a fair few on the road now that I am looking for one and they seem massive...BUT apparently they drive smaller than they are, if that makes sense. There was a gorgeous example parked near to where i work today.. It was Black with privacy glass and looked like an FBi vehicle.. Personally I couldnt afford the needed amount of time to keep a Black car looking clean !
  2. Hi all, I am giving serious thought to a used S Max 2.0 Tdci Titanium. Probably looking at a 2007 model.. From the bit of research I have done so far there seems to be some surprising issues at not very high mileages.. Have I got it wrong with the S Max? What do I need to look for and what catastrophies are there with this car ? If you were in the market for a MPV thern which make and model would you go for? Thanks in advance for any help / advice.
  3. North Westerners...

    Hi, I joined the other day.. I am "Over Wyre" which means I am in the North West
  4. Diy Oil An Filter Change

    Hi everyone.. My first post on this forum.. I have a very big fan of the pela pumps and have used one on over a dozen different cars I have owned. There is another area where the Pela is advantagious.. That is you can suck the dreggs from the oil filter housing. Obviously this only applies to cars where the filter is the paper type that lives within a housing with a screw on top. I have also used it for draining ATF fluid on Mercedes 5 speed box (But thats another story which I wont bore you with here).
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums sspeed :)

    1. sspeed


      Thank you Steve...

      I am a member on here under false pretenses as I dont actually own a Ford just yet..

      I have thinking about an S Max but I have to confess some of the negative reports on here on cars with pretty low mileages is starting to make me think twice..

      I shall keep on reading..