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    Carl0s got a reaction from Dee_82 in How Can I Prevent A Major Turbo Failure (Focus 1.6 Tdci 05)   
    Regular... oil... change... I cant imagine what they have been smoking when they decided that the intervall for oilchange should be 12k miles... Mine was serviced by the book, every 12k on ford, and at 180k miles the valvetrain failed, and now im looking for replacement engine (ironicly the 180k is the last possible stamp you can put on the service record book, so guess according to ford then the car is done :P ). my mondeo did 280k miles whit 5k oilchange interval, and it worked like a dream :)
    But for the topic, its pretty easy to check the vacuumpumps mesh for oil sludge, and check the oilfilter for sludge. I would check the oilpumps pickup tube also, but the oilpan is gluesealed, and nearly impossible to take off whitout bending it, witch will cause it to leak. (new one was like 40e from ford).
    If these look clean, then i wouldnt stress so much about it. Reguar oilchange should be enough... Tho, if you want to play for sure, you could use forte engine flush, and then rechange the oils.
    If you think you got leaking injector seal, take the engine cover of, and pour some soap water on the injectors root. Turn the engine on, and you should easily see if any of the injectors leak.
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    Carl0s reacted to Richiemac in Guide Fitting Cruise Control Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 And Ford C-Max   
    Download link :
    Password to extract : what_you_are
    Run the patch with software closed.
    If you can't download, i'll email to you.