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  1. Blue Interior Lights & Help..

    Where bouts did you get the from? Fancy sending me a link so I can get some my self?
  2. Looking to smooth my bumpers these holidays and get rid of the holes where the fog lights are supposed to be. Just wondering if anyone else has done this? Also can you remove the silly looking "mud flaps" on the back of the car? And why colour badge do you think would go with a dark navy blue car? Any ideas and suggestions are welcome. Cheers
  3. What To Do To Car?

    !Removed! hell, loads of choice, wouldnt know what colour. Any suggestions?
  4. My Possible St

    Mines not the performance blue but it looks alright with black wheels as my first mod :)
  5. What To Do To Car?

    I mean dont get me wrong slammed cars in some cases look unreal but are the most unpractical things in the world. Also where can i get the gel overlays?
  6. What To Do To Car?

    Haha. Lowered mine 45mm on springs and it just site nicely in its arches. Not a bad mod for £90
  7. What To Do To Car?

    Lower it 45-50mm on springs for a really sporty look or slam it 70-80 on coilovers. Will look mint! :)
  8. Remapping??

    the car is a 1.25 mk7 so ill have to get a superchip? will it make much difference?
  9. Remapping??

    Hi everyone. after having a few problems with the car everything is slowly heading forwards and on track. Just wondering if anyone had re-mapped their fiesta and if it makes a differance? I know its only a 1.25 but i was wondering if it worth looking into. cheers Peter
  10. Seats For Mk7

    I've had my fiesta for about a year now an I'm looking to change the front seats to something A little better. I was looking at some Zetec S or ST seats but was wondering if firstly they would fit and secondly if anyone had some for sale. Cheers Peter
  11. Fitting Zetec S Rear Spoiler

    Yeah mate that would be great. Is it hard to put on and how much fiddling on are the wires and tubes?
  12. Fitting Zetec S Rear Spoiler

    I was also looking to do this soon but was worried about this happening. If you get it to work can you let me know please. Good luck
  13. Will Mk6 Springs Fit A Mk7???

    Hi All, Ive had My Fiesta MK7 for about 9 months now and want to lower it. Ive found some Mk7 springs that only lower it 45mm. will this be lower enough?? i have also found some Mk6 springs that will lower it 60mm. my question is will the Mk6 springs fit my Mk7? cheers Peter
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums PotholePete :)