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  1. St Owners Help!

    Don't be put off the ST is a GREAT CAR
  2. St Owners Help!

    Half a tank is about £30. Obviously, many factors and how you drive however .. It seems £30 is around 160-170miles.
  3. I want to start off with some cosmetic changes. FIRSTLY I'd like to make the calipers, grill trim, ford badge on front black/green, ford badge on steering wheel, ST logo in door trim and my fog light rings ALL RS Green.
  4. Thanks for the post buddy! I'm happy with the ST being a "go kart". It's just as it's only my second car ever, I'm still learning as to how it's supposed to feel. I just worry about things being wrong! Once I get some spare cash, I may get the whole lot done, discs and pads. Don't suppose you got an estimates of a price? I'll most likely end up going to a garage so I guess it varies! Going to make sure the tyres are at the correct psi tonight and going to give it a !Removed! good wash and polish come Monday!
  5. How did you fix it, how much did it cost mate?
  6. Yeah I gave them the reg number and said it was cat C.
  7. Haha where is it? Would be one hell of a ride (fun) though.
  8. Thanks I will do, however Mr Stoney and yourself are doing a good job ;):P
  9. My dad said this also. I'm just over worried about my cars. I had a 03 Corsa SXI for almost two years, only car since I passed my test. I spent quite a FAIR amount over the two years I had it, was pretty unlucky. - Saved up all my overtime cash to purchase this ST. It's CAT C, 35k miles 2008. I got it for £4000 + My old Corsa. Just been MOTd, 6 months tax and 3 months warranty.
  10. I'll start watching that show. IIRC the dude buys old motors and does them up to sell them for profit? My dad watches it! What do you recommend me do? As I said the car hasn't been driven hard, fast or at all in the past 6 months. So I was going to drive it a couple weeks and see how the problems persist. I've only driven it three times! Yet so excited to get back in it! Yeah I think there is a Tyre garage up the road from me, I think I remember my GF having wheel alignment/tracking on her old Ford KA, was around £30. Thanks man.
  11. Forgive me, I'm a noob and I joined this forum so I can learn more and hopefully one day be able to do certain things myself rather than pay for a mec etc. Would you be able to give me prices, or how I go about fixing the things you listed. Also are the urgent etc? Thanks man, you'll be seeing a lot of me ;)!
  12. Awesome stuff, you must love the cars to stick with them! Well the car has been sitting around for over 6 months. (I've just bought it) So I'm going to check the tyres and make sure they're all upto par once I find out what pressure for them. The discs are pretty rusty as it's been sitting around. Might get them skinned if the problem doesn't go in a few weeks as I heard that could help. Thanks for the reply, any tips for a first time ST owner?
  13. I've only had the car for a day, so bare with me whilst I relearn everything again :).(Car novice anyways!) I've noticed a few things that I'd like to see if it's usual, if it's a problem, how to fix etc. - When braking my steering wheel feels the brunt, shakes slightly. - A kind of thud thud sound coming from wheels. I think it's front, almost like a bearing on it's way out maybe? Fairly quiet at the moment. - Pulls to left ever so slightly, guessing this is tracking and I think it's like £30 to fix? Thanks for any advice guys. First REAL car for me, I'm hoping I get lucky with this beauty as I'm going to love it dearly!
  14. Ford Fiesta St500!!

    Okay, well hopefully they can hold off for a bit as I'm skint! Currently in GOMADMODE at work and doing as much overttime as possible :P Cheers man