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  1. Happy Birthday vince_13!

  2. here is what worked for me remove the air pipe that runs behind the front upper grille (black u shaped pipe) as this will massively improve your throttle response, add that to clutch control and you will see the difference, few things to note: takes a while for the car to adjust to the difference in air flow etc your MPG will drop, the air intake from the airbox will be exposed so watch those big puddles or invest in a slightly better air filter just incase best thing about it is that your can simply attach the air pipe back on and its as original
  3. I have fitted the st spoiler to my mk2.5 with ease following lenny guide, Your current rear brake light will not physically fit into the st spoiler, in addition the wiring connector for both spoilerd are completely different
  4. haha i only ever used it as a means of resetting your trip, i thought the other information on display was all read/stored/displayed from the ECU
  5. well apart from owning the car for almost 2 years now i have only just figured out you can reset all of the data that is displayed in the instrument cluster :D ive sat and watched the average mpg climb slowly upto 40.0mpg then bored 1 day in traffic i got curious to see if i could reset it and pushed the reset button and it worked haha needless to say this also worked for resetting the other information anyone knew this or is it me just been a noob :P
  6. yeh 1.5mm is plenty, the camera wont be pulling that much current, (i presume there is a fuse protecting the radio anyway)
  7. thats where i picked up my feed from, (although im not using a sony headunit) as said before get a really long wire and then tap into the loom under the car behind the bulb and test first, then you can lift the carpet in the boot and there is a rubber grommit on both sides just pick the grommit on the side your reverse bulb is and wire down to the bulb
  8. id have to disagree there, i had mine drop 25miles over night i parked it up with 50miles (and the light came on) i knew the petrol station was 8 miles away, next day got in to go to work and boom...25miles until empty, i thought never mind petrol station is only a few miles away .... i got there with 11 miles left in the tank needless to say i never go below 40 now
  9. i have a 1.6 petrol and mainly do motorway driving (approx 10,000 miles a year) and i have just got my average up to 40.1MPG thats the best ive had it you can however disconnect the battery for an hour or so and this should "reset" the ecu and then the values for mpg will be calculated on any journeys made after that
  10. hi hassen great setup, how easy was the door speakers to swap? as you have 2 amps 1 for your sub and the other is that to power the crossovers you have in the doors? is the second amp necessary?
  11. Cheers m8 Yh I forget how big it is evey year, hopefully after the move I can get on with more stuff having better access Sent from my C6903 using Ford OC mobile app
  12. I know what ya mean about the snow socks they dont half hurt ya hands especially when it is below freezing outside, ive never had the space to store 2 sets of wheels but no im moving house Ill have the room so might look into having a set of winter tyres on steelies, ive never had or used winter tyres, ive used all season tyres Sent from my C6903 using Ford OC mobile app
  13. im possibly the only person hoping for no snow this year, as im terrified of driving in the snow, over the last 2 years ive lost 2 cars in the snow (most likely down to my lack of ability to drive in the snow but thankfully no other party involved) this has had a massive affect on my driving (also of being a passenger in a car on snow) i drove my focus in the snow last year which is where i was recommended to buy some snow socks which helped my driving a lot, its a real shame our winters are very regular or stable so that we could learn to cope instead of winging it every winter
  14. the pop rivets down the left hand side (front facing) are prone to corrode and cause leaking, (on the mk2.5 anyway) i had mine replaced with an aftermarket rad which had welded mounts on instead of the pop rivet mounts
  15. some pics from last weekend at Ford Fair also confirmed my next mod .... guide will be up soon :D mongoose exhaust is next on the list, then start on some other neat mods watch this space http://s296.photobucket.com/user/iesta90/library/Ford%20Fair%202014 Also fitted my new stickers, really look the part now haha
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