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  1. Power Drops\flattens When Driving

    thanks for the detailed replies! £85 was for 'diagnostics' and plugs. Ford were indeed clueless. one last but of maybe relevant info I do seem to get a decrease in the problem if I use the premium petrol available everywhere nowadays. what may this point to?
  2. Power Drops\flattens When Driving

    thanks i wouldnt know where to start looking for corrosion on that.. basically I don't know what to do, ford have been uninterested, they put the computer on it and found nothing wrong, checked hoses, changed spark plugs...my local garage don't know...where to turn?
  3. My 56 Fiesta Ghia (55000 miles) has a problem where I am constantly getting hesitant acceleration and flat spots when driving. I will be driving at a constant speed but the power will suddenly drop\flatten, but then picks up again a few seconds later. I have just heard back from Ford garage (who were crap) that they can't find a problem (but can replicate the issue) and have replaced the spark plugs.......for £85. basically: - occurs especially when lightly pressing accelerator, but also when pressing harder - no engine lights- getting progressively worse- doesn't overheat- no excessive fuel consumption- no mis-fire or stalling- no unusual engine noises- tick over seems fine any ideas?
  4. ok I have a multimeter and a very electrically minded friend where would we start testing and how can we expose the tailgate end of the wire, there is 2 rubber tubes going from the top of the roof to the tailgate, maybe loads of wires in them?
  5. spelling mistake - 'rear window heat relay' !!!
  6. thanks, I have found the relays behind the glove compartment but this doesnt invlude rear wundow hear relay, it must be elsewhere (sounds like click nr drivers feet) but not even google or ford garage will tell me where this other bank of relays is? please help!
  7. My Fiesta 56 plate (mk5) rear heated windscreen has suddenly stopped working. I have replaced the small fuse behind the glove box no change. The light comes on the button when pressed on the dash and something clicks (sound like from drivers side somewhere). Been looking at 'relays' not sure if this is correct or where I can find the rear windscreen heat relay anyway? Obviously I know nothing about stuff like this, can anyone advise? Thanks
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums pete030 :)