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  1. Seat Adjuster Cable Snapped Help Please

    So does that mean I can just pull out the handle? and see if it's still attached? The cable appears still attached at the bottom, to the mechanism... but when you pull the handle at the top, nothing happens at the bottom.... How can I remove the seat back with a flat driver? I don't want to rip it, is it that flap part at the bottom? does that undo?... i was worried i'd break it.
  2. Hello all, I have a 3 door fiesta, so to get people in an out the back, I need to pull the handle on the seat for it to tilt forward. Problem is, on my driver's side seat, I pull the handle and it's very lose, the seat will not tilt forward. I think the cable has snapped inside the seat. Is there a way to open the seat so I can replace the cable, it's upholstered fabric and there is part where it seems to join at the bottom, but not sure if I could just separate it without causing damage. Any suggestions?
  3. Hello all, I purchased a Ford Fusion, everything is great with the car, but the rear boot will not open without manually inserting the key. I can't open it by pressing the button on the key fob, or the button inside the car. Can anyone give me any suggestions why this might be? and how to fix it? Also, if anyone could tell me where the fuse box is and the fuse number for the boot, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  4. Hello all, I have a Fiesta MK5, with a factory fitted, CD4050 RDS EON, which basically looks like it comes in three parts, on on top of the other with a space in between. I wanted to fit an AUX cable but apparently this CD player cannot support AUX, no adapter will work with it. So I would like to upgrade the CD player to one that works with AUX. I don't want to use an after market stereo, I would prefer to stick to Ford, I think it looks better when you have a standard radio. So I am considering fitting a CD6000. However, it appears the whole panel would need to be changed, as my CD4050 as mentioned previously has groves that it fits into, and these don't seem to be able to be removed along with the radio. A bit hard to explain, but hopefully someone understands what I mean, and can explain to me how I go about changing the CD player. Thanks in advance.
  5. Miss Firing - Help Please

    I got a full service today, so sparks were changed, the issue itself is a lot better, however it hasn't completely gone. It still judders when accelerating, if the speed is kept constant it is smooth. What does this point to? any suggestions?
  6. Miss Firing - Help Please

    Thanks again, If its easier than brake pads, then i'll have no problem :)
  7. Miss Firing - Help Please

    Thanks, Also, how do you change the leads and coil pack? I will try get hold of a Haynes Manual.
  8. Miss Firing - Help Please

    Ahh thanks a lot for your reply, is there a guide on how to remove the spark plugs to check?
  9. Hello all, My expansion tank has a crack in it and I lose coolant slowly over time, I need to change my expansion tank, can someone please explain to me how to do it? Eg, is it simple as draining the system, and then removing the old tank, fitting the new one and filling the system again? When re filling the system, is there anything specific to watch out for? how to I make sure theres no trapped air etc. Thanks in advance.
  10. Miss Firing - Help Please

    Hello all, I believe my engine is miss firing, so I assume I would need to change either the coil pack, spark plugs or leads. Is there a way to find out which one would need replacing? I would like to do it myself. any advice would be appreciated.
  11. Obd2 Tool - Advice Please

    Hello all, I have an OBD2 Cable, I was wondering what is the best software to use for reading fault codes on a Ford Fiesta MK5? Preferably a free software. Thanks in advance.
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums smartestsmarty :)