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  1. My Fiesta Custom Boot Storage

    hahaha no i dont think theres a big market for that in london lol.
  2. My Fiesta Custom Boot Storage

    cartoon of cigarettes ? where did you see those ? or was that a general questions lool ? how many can i build in a week ? took me only 2hrs i think, so i guess a lot in a week lol
  3. hi there, i just done a custom boot storage myself. and i thought id share it with you. been a long follower of this forum, but this will be my first post. i hope you guys will enjoy it. i always carry my bags with me in the car, and ive realized that when i do some shopping or carry extra stuff, i always need to keep them on top of my bags, which i didnt really like. i had some lino and carpet left over from a house job that i did. so i spent £13 on an mdf board. Ive put a lino down first then build the storage and covered it with carpet. Here some pictures, puting down the lino first put the first mdf in then added the side and the top covered the side with carpet covered the top with carpet and placed it and the final picture
  4. Fitting Parking Sensors To Fiesta Mk7

    I bought my sensors from eurocar parts 1 yr ago. N they are still working fine
  5. Fitting Parking Sensors To Fiesta Mk7

    hello everyone.. i managed to buy my sensors from eurocarparts and it costed me £23.99. I asked my local garage to fit it for me. They color coded it for me ( colorado red ) and fitted it. They charged me £ 60 for it. which i think was a good deal. considering that ford dealer wanted £200 for it.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums vineshdark :)