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  1. Focus Cd6000 Aux Mode Problem

    Think ill stick to the AUX for now then thanks.
  2. Focus Cd6000 Aux Mode Problem

    Ahh ok thanks, nice and cheap. Do you know if this radio would take an iphone connection, or would i need to get an aftermarket head unit?
  3. Hi, Ive got a 2008 Focus Zetec Climate with a Visteon CD6000 head unit. Ive checked the glove box and arm rest and cant see an AUX input for it, but it comes with the option on the radio. So im guessing an AUX input has just not been installed. I checked the internet and found a Connect2 lead, CTAFOIPOD005.2 (just AUX) and CTAFOIPOD005.3 (AUX + iPhone). I got the .3 lead as it does both and installed it but it doesnt seem to work. I plugged it in through AUX first and got no sound, then plugged in using the iPhone lead, but still no sound. But the iphone charges. Made sure all the connections where firmly in place but nothing. On the Connects2 website for the lead http://www.connects2.co.uk/ProductInformation.aspx?id=11751, it says that it connects into the CD change port, I dont have a CD changer, firgured that the person who bought the car orginally just didnt want one installed? Any ideas if this is the reason why its not allowing the sound through?? Thanks Rory
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Rory1 :)