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  1. Where Is This?

    Is it the light house on Plymouth hoe? This might be a hard one!
  2. Battery Or Alternator?

    Hi, I'm a new member to this forum, and i have a question about a a ford focus 1.6 2003. upon starting for the first time the engine turns over but nothing happens, this could happen a couple of times before it starts. after its run for a bit its starts perfectly every time. That's the easy way, some times the same thing will happen the engine will kick in but the revs will drop to nothing and the engine will cut out, some times the same will happen, but if i add a little gas the revs fall even faster. some times after this when i turn the key to start it again, there is a pause where nothing happens for a few seconds then it will turn over and cut out like before, eventually it starts and runs fine and no problems. i have checked the battery and the indicator window is black, and the key says this is a warning triangle, so i am in the process of getting a new battery. Is what i described about going to be cured by a new battery or is it bad news? Like i said once going there are no problems, and everything works fine, its just starting for the first time! Cheers Rich
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums bigrich :)