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  1. pot holes

    LOL!! Sometimes I think they (Ozzies)forget who put 'em there and why!! all those years ago
  2. pot holes

    Understand exactly what you're saying , i have a similar problem round my way and does my head in, our roads in this country are a !Removed! joke, about time councils got a grip and especially manhole covers, why the hell do they invariably place them in line with our road wheels!! I don't know what a state to get into!! Cheers Pete
  3. Mk7 burning smell

    If you're concerned about damage occured, it may be worth taking the car back to dealer and getting them to check it out for you, you could always make up some lame story that you noticed a burning smell and happen to notice how hot the wheels felt as if the brakes were binding!! Cheers Pete
  4. Fiesta MK6 Clay Barred and polished up!

    Heard good things about claying and yours proves it I think, excellent shine well done mate Cheers Pete
  5. MK6 Reverse Gear

    Common problem unfortunatly, my old Focus did it, wifes's MK6 she had did it, one of the reasons she got rid of it as well as it being a noisy car, she's now got a '54 plate clio and has a pull up ring on the lever and doesn't crunch at all and it's a lot quieter in the cabin also. Cheers Pete
  6. Keyfob coming apart

    Went down to dealer today and got the key sorted , so all is good now. Cheers Pete
  7. Keyfob coming apart

    Going to dealer tomorrow morning (independant where we bought it from, not Ford)and hopefully get it sorted , baseball bat should help encourage him to sort it LOL Cheers Pete
  8. Keyfob coming apart

    Anyone had trouble with their 3-button keyfob coming apart, happened a couple of times to my missus ,go to pull key out of ignition and shaft part of key is left in ignition and button part in hand, what a state to get into, yet another useless thing from FORD!! Cheers Pete
  9. Rev needle slightly erratic when cold

    Thanks , appreciate your reply Cheers Pete
  10. Air filter

    Engine cover / air box on the MK6; took it off the other day to check plugs and noticed on the underside of air box there is quite a few screws, I take it the air filter is in there? seems a lot of screws to undo just to get to the air filter!! Cheers Pete
  11. Fiesta mk6 facelift dash question (Not HU)

    Aparrently it's a coin holder (£1 coins) and doubles up as blanking plate for the ESP (Electronic Stability Program) button which was an optional etc Cheers Pete
  12. Air Intake pipe

    Ok many thanks mate. Cheers Pete
  13. Air Intake pipe

    Is the joint where the air intake pipe supposed to be just a sliding fit and a bit wobbly/ loose at the same time, joint arrowed in red on photo (MK6 1.25) Cheers Pete
  14. driving the fiesta (MK6 1.25) I noticed that we stopped a few hundred yards after a cold start at lights and saw the rev counter needle appeared to be jumping up and down a little around the 1,000rpm mark (not running lumpy or anything) , I presume this is the car settling down as it's warming up and is normal to see it fluctuating like this? once fully warmed , seemed to settle ok where it should be. cheers Pete
  15. Fiesta Mk6 Service

    Got the 3rd year (major) service done on the wife's fiesta the other week, had it done by a Ford specialist here in slough, cost £160 all in and everything was changed including pollen filter and they only use genuine Ford parts, so no problems with warranty issues. Cheers Pete