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  1. Where's The Glow Plug Light?

    the only time mine comes on on my 2010 mk 2.5 zetec s is in the winter to even then it's only seconds like it should. I even asked the dealer when I bought it. it's always started first push of the button to hope this helps
  2. Elm 327

    Preee could you send them to me if you don't mind been looking for 2 weeks for them cheers
  3. Headlight Washer Retro Fit

    cheers again mate been on the phone to ford the recon it might be passable as my car is showing as a "level 2 loom" which is unsual apparently so they gonna order the parts as they will take a while to come
  4. Headlight Washer Retro Fit

    cheers for the reply mate it is a 10 pin loom think I'm gonna have to look a bit deeper on this be for I do it I don't wonna burn anything out
  5. Headlight Washer Retro Fit

    anybody have an idea how to fit the washer system as before I fit the xenon lights I Wonna try the washers first cheers
  6. Rs Or Titanium Door Loom

    ok so I got a price off Evans halshaw today focus rs door loom £55 I was pleasantly surprised think Iay order it on pay day
  7. Wing Mirror Wiring

    any one know how many wires go to wing mirros on 2010 Mk 2.5 focus think mines got six and info on what the six are for cheers
  8. Focus Zetec S 2010 Puddle Lights ?

    finally got around to looking at wiring today the loom from the door only has 6 wires and the mirror has 6 so currently in the process of sourcing a TITANIUM 2010-2011 door loom will let you know how it goes p.s any ford breakers that you know of would be appreciated guys
  9. Rs Or Titanium Door Loom

    cheers mate think they are the same have had a look and sent the request so just gotta wait now hopefully the search is over lol ye ford wonted £400 for both looms so as any normal person would do i told them to were to go lol
  10. Rs Or Titanium Door Loom

    Any one have an idea were i could get either a RS or Titanium Door Loom ? ive tried eBay but still no joy could do with finding a breaker in west mids any ideas ?
  11. Focus Zetec S 2010 Puddle Lights ?

    tell me about froze my hands of this moring fitting Ice white bulbs never mind this lol
  12. Focus Zetec S 2010 Puddle Lights ?

    cheers preee think I'm gonna have a look in the morning if I can brave the cold that is.
  13. Focus Zetec S 2010 Puddle Lights ?

    cheers both preee any Idear were I could trace the wiring if it's there mate
  14. anyone know If the wiring for puddle lights are present thinking about fitting them if they are
  15. Any one know how delete topics ?

    1. Mark M.K

      Mark M.K

      What topic do you want removing? I am able to remove it for you.

    2. renz2013


      cheers mate I put my puddle light topic in new members on accident :(