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  1. Sat nav update - SD card

    Hi all, I'm looking to update my sat nav for my 2012 Ford Focus titanium but I'm confused as to what I need! i have dug the card out of the gps unit and has the following information on it... Western Europe, SD Sat Nat (V2) AM5T 19H449 DAE 7 612 105 820 The unit is a standard Ford unit non touch screen and It has DAB and Bluetooth
  2. Keyfob Problem

    Well after almost a year of being ok it has now packed in again! Getting annoyed with it has any one ever changed the receiver behind the passenger reading light?
  3. Keyfob Problem

    Well the battery has been replaced, and seems ok. Have a new key fob but not sure how you change them over as it has the transponder/immobiliser chip in it don't want to bugger it up lol
  4. Keyfob Problem

    Hi Steve thanks for the reply, I have 2 keys one blade key and one "standard" key the normal key no longer works off the buttons changed batteries ect, blade key works fine but will just stop working all of a sudden
  5. Keyfob Problem

    Hi there, I'm having a intermittent problem with my 56 plated cmax ghia, where the car will sometimes lock/unlock but then no reason it will stop working. I have changed the battery in the fob, I have tried to reprogram the key to the car, I get the beep from the car but when I press the button on the fob there is no second beep. Also sometimes when I get in the car and put the key in the ignition I get a lone beep, nothing seems out of place no error codes on dash on red/amber warnings, so it may be related? But as quickly as it started it will stop and go back to being fine! Has this happened to anyone else before? Thanks Jason
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums darkening vii :)