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  1. Howdy

    Well I drove it to the Bodyshop a few weeks ago and was quite impressed with how nippy it was to be honest. I don't wanna do anything ridiculous, as I like to keep them in good original condition, but I was thinking of maybe a tuning box. Saying that, I've got no experience of them. I've got a mate at work who's got a 06 reg focus 1.8 tdci with a full ST replica conversion done (an excellent job - seats, dash, everything) and his has gone one on. I've driven it with and without and can definitely feel a diference.
  2. Howdy

    Yo. Driving and messing with Fords has been in my bones from birth, with my old fella always buying, selling or fixing one. I can remember changing the engine in a fiesta at the tender age of 14. I've got a 55 Plate Mondeo Titanuim X 2.2 Tdci as the family car, and absolutely love it when i can get the Mrs out of it. My second car changes quite regularly to be honest. I'll buy either a write-off or something that needs a big repair and mess with it before running it for a couple of months then get bored and need a new project. Latest project is an 06 Plate Fiesta Zetec 1.6 Tdci with a bit of back end damage. Just waiting for that back from the bodyshop, where hopefully they'll pull their finger out and paint it this week! Been meaning to join a Ford forum for ages. TN
  3. Can you hear any hissing from under the bonnet when you're trying to accellerate. It sounds like there's a intercooler pipe leeking somewhere. It could be a split (i.e. damaged pipe), or a loose jubilee clip or similar. If there are any leaks whatsoever in the circuit of pipes from the turbo down the the intercooler and through to the inlet manifold, it'll drastically effect the amount of boost the turbo can provide, as half of the air the turbo pressurises and blasts into the engine will escape. It might be hard to find as it's a circuit that's got a lot of bends and joins in it, and it's in quite a confined space down the front of the engine, but as Silveredge says, a mate revving it gently while you look for a leak. good luck! TN
  4. Fiesta Mk6 Boot Light

    The live wire to that bulb holder is a permanent live (obviously, because it needs to work even when the ignition isn't switched on) so you're right that the negative wire is the one that's switched. The switch that controls it is inside the tailgate, attached to the inside of the latch. You'll need to open the boot and take the inner trim panel off. There's a couple of screws and a few pull clips. Get to the inside of the latch, and the switch looks like a little box about an inch long with a spring-loaded plunger in it. I'd start there mate. TN
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums tomsredfiesta :)