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  1. Coolant Loss Mk4 2Ltr Diesel

    Hopefully going to attack this leak next Monday and decided it'll probably be better to drain the system to make it easier to seal the plug. From what I can gather these cars require a certain antifreeze but I'm struggling to find which one. I've read that there's an alternative to the ford pink stuff. Can anybody give confirm whats best. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Ford OC mobile app
  2. Coolant Loss Mk4 2Ltr Diesel

    Spoke to a friend tonight who preps race cars and he has said the same thing, so he's happy for me to use his ramp and thats the plan. Hopefully it'll work. He has also said he reckons he's got something that will seal it without having to put the likes of rad weld through it.
  3. Coolant Loss Mk4 2Ltr Diesel

    Well, found the leak, its coming out of what I believe to be the radiator drain plug in the bottom corner of the rad. Apparently though these aren't replaceable and ford have said its a new rad obviously at just under £300 from ford I'll be looking elsewhere and hoping I'll be able to replace it myself. Used to work in a bodyshop so previous experience should help. However can anyone confirm how it is best removed as I'm guessing its going to be a bumper of job.
  4. Coolant Loss Mk4 2Ltr Diesel

    I hope so mate. Now I have a strange question. Where is the throttle cable located in the engine bay as I couldn't find it the other day and it would help to be able to rev the car whilst being under the bonnet. God it was so much easier back when I had my mk2 escort lol.
  5. Coolant Loss Mk4 2Ltr Diesel

    Going to have a real good look on my next day of and try to get the under tray of so I can drip test it onto some cardboard. It seems like there's no common issues which I was hoping there might be to check first. Hoping to be able to find it without it needing to go into a garage however may be easier to get someone to pressure test the system.
  6. Hi Folks. I seem to be losing coolant over a period of time. I'll be honest I cant specify how soon its disappearing just yet but have started to work on this as of yesterday when I topped the bottle to max. I can say though, that having driven the car today mainly at motorway speeds a distance of approximately 30 miles the coolant has dropped from the max mark by 4 or 5 millimetres. I've checked the injectors and there dry having heard this could be a sign of head cracked. The oil is clean no mayo. And fan kicks in when temperature gauge hits just over half. Can anyone suggest possible leakage points. Car has 64000 on the clock and is a 2.0litre zetec. Don't know wether it makes any difference but expansion tank has a black top. Cheers in advance to anyone who can help.
  7. Interior Trim Removal.

    Many thanks thats great. Like I said not afraid to strip bits of but words like airbag etc make checking a good idea. Right now all I need is a slightly warmer day.
  8. Hi all. I have a very annoying rattle in B post where the seat belt is drivers side. I plan to sort it out and have good knowledge of stripping cars having worked in a body shop in the past but just need to check a couple of things before I go ahead. The top cover has a little plate that says airbag on it, does that pop out to reveal any thing and is it safe to just remove that cover or do i need to disconnect the airbag first? And are both covers simply pull of. I'm sure I've seen another thread on here ref a creaking from this area but mine seems to be more rattle. Has anyone else experienced the same thing and found the source. Thanks
  9. Zetec 100 6000Cd Bluetooth

    In the glovebox there should be a grey circle top right. Connection is by 3.5mm jack same as most earphones. Its a good connection point but like I said you won't be able to skip via the controls. I'm just waiting for the ebay member to get back to me about their interfaces as they are ipod compatible. Although the ford music box is a good upgrade at thid moment I think 83 quid for a memory card reader is a lot of money.
  10. Zetec 100 6000Cd Bluetooth

    I'll guesd like myself you do not have bluetooth, if like mine you have the silver curved corner unit you'll soon realise it is not mp3 disc compatible. Then you have four choices. 1) Replace unit for aftermarket stereo. 2) Replace stereo with a better spec ford unit. 3) Use the aux in in the glovebox but not be able to skip back or forward using your steering wheel controls or 4) Buy the music box available from ford that allows you to connect a memory stick and use your steering wheel controls (this however will not support an ipod etc and costs £83. I have found a cheaper better version of the box on eBay but it appears these units wont support it as we don't appear to have a multi cd player output either. Probably the most disappointing stereo I have seen in a car that should offer more.
  11. Ok so after much searching for a picture of the back of my stereo with no success, could someone possibly confirm whether my style of the 6000cd has the cd multi changer output needed by one of the units posted previously.
  12. Hmmmm. Found these on Ebay and has me wondering if this will fit my stereo pictured below. At almost half the price this could be a real find. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Focus-C-Max-Mondeo-Fiesta-iPod-adapter-interface-car-iPhone-CTAFOIPOD005-2-/321067743374?pt=UK_In_Car_Technology&hash=item4ac120f88e http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Fiesta-Escort-Mondeo-iPod-adapter-interface-in-car-iPhone-CTAFOIPOD003-2-5v-/221185190002?pt=UK_In_Car_Technology&hash=item337faa2872
  13. Cool thanks for that. To be honest the reason I'm looking at one of these is purely so I can use the steering wheel controls as having to look at the ipod if I want to skip s song is pretty awkward.
  14. Thread revival time. Having been disappointed by the hu in the 57 plate mondeo I have recently purchased I am considering the options of second hand better equipped ford stereo. New hu altogether or one of these units. Like others on here I don't really want to change the look of the dash and I worry that a second hand hu could come with its own issues so this unit is most favourable. Is it true though that it will not work with ipods etc. Just wanted to know so I can get a memory stick lined up.
  15. Auxiliary Socket

    £83. Wtf. oh dear ford reality check its a little black box with some cabling to run an ipod. I thought the bloke in the parts department was related to Lee Evans with a joke like that. What's more funny is that when reading on the web about them it states "owners of older cars may not have the luxury to connect an ipod or other device". Older cars, christ this system has been fitted in Audis for over 10 years. This cabling is simply a way for Ford to catch up after failing to get it right first time. Ford need to check the prices of new all singing all dancing stereo's cos there's some out there that can be bought for not a lot more than that with capabilities of playing usb's.