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  1. Strange Intermittant Sound From Mk7 1.4 Fiesta

    Now my 62 plate Metal has started doing it :(
  2. Strange Intermittant Sound From Mk7 1.4 Fiesta

    Update... Turns out to be the air con gas a bit low. Had it re gassed and now it's loads better. Only heard the noise once in over a week.The mechanic said he heard and saw it- the whole rad assembly badly vibrating but had no idea why. Anyone recognise these symptons ?
  3. My wife's car has developed a strange intermittent fault. It seems to be prevalent just after starting a journey, but can sort of happen any time. She initially described it as 'pre ignition/running on'. I've heard it but it's not the engine- there's absolutely no loss of power/driveability when it occurs. The sound is similar to a 4 pot running on 3 cyclinders... Stopping the engine and starting it again and it's gone...When the ignition is turned off and the engine has stopped, this 'sound' continues for a few seconds and it is just like an engine running on 3. Seems to be coming from the OSF engine bay area. I've not been able to get the bonnet open in time to see exactly where it's coming from. Next time it occurs, I'll stop the car with the engine running and get a look. Any one have any ideas ?
  4. I just had a courtesy car for 2 days while my Metal was being looked at. It's much more fun than my Metal :( 100bhp version...
  5. Suspension Clunking On My New Metal

    Third time in the garage, still no answers.... first they said it was the low profile tyres, then they said it was a stone they found in the rear valence ! Now they just admit defeat..... Their suggestion is that I take their workshop foreman to demonstrate the clunk going over a sunken manhole cover. It's ony about 20 mm down. ... Ford let me have a courtesy car and that doesn't do it.... it was a 1.0 Econotec and boy does it shift AND it sounds like my old Supra TT, being 3 cylinders. Seems much faster/livelier than my Metal and it revs to 6500 and has much longer gears- around 28mph/1000 in top. Very nice.
  6. I've got this ( another) annoying issue with my metal. When I change up gear, the engine revs increase by a couple of hundred RPM... very irritating. To get round it I take my foot off the throttle, wait a bit , then change up. Anyone else suffer/notice this? Doesn't do it on my wife's 11 plate Fiesta.... :(
  7. Suspension Clunking On My New Metal

    Any updates from anyone ? Just sent a letter of complaint to Ford Cust Services....
  8. Suspension Clunking On My New Metal

    Good read, thanks... I'll try the suggestions. Wonder if my dealer will point this out to me. If it's in the manual, it must be a recognised issue. Maybe he thought he would lose a sale if he told me....
  9. Suspension Clunking On My New Metal

    Are you saying no sych. by design? surely not....
  10. Suspension Clunking On My New Metal

    Took it to my brother in law's tyre garage and got it up on the ramps. Nothin obvious, but one of the guys took it out and cofirmed the 'clunk' . Sitting inside and 'jumping' up and down in the back and you can hear it.... Seems to come from the top shock mount but nothing conclusive. Mate also told me that he'd seen ( and fixed) a few older Fiestas where there was a gap at the top of the shock mount. He cut a bit off ( not quite sure what he meant by that) and that fixed the clunk. Also noticed that when I change up, I just can't do it without the engine revs going up 100/200 rpm for a blip.... Also sometimes just won't go into reverse. Have to go neutral and try again.... Looking like a Friday car :(
  11. Suspension Clunking On My New Metal

    Took the tray out, no different. Took it to Inchcape F'boro and went for a dive with the foreman.... He wasn't convinced anything was wrong, but took it into the workshop when we got back. Reported 10 mins later 'nothing wrong'.. Only enough time for a quick look and definitely not up on the ramps.... So a blank there. Sent a long letter of complaint to the original dealer asking what he suggests the next step might be.... I suggested he took it away for a week and drove it around. For my part, I might take it to my brother in law's garage , get it up on the ramps and take a look myself.
  12. Suspension Clunking On My New Metal

    Not yet, too busy... but I plan to take out the tyre repair thing and then maybe go and see my local Ford dealer tomorrow. The dealer I bought it from never replied to my email... I'll let you know...
  13. Suspension Clunking On My New Metal

    Yes I have the spray up puncture kit. I did look at the tray and it seems rigid.... Maybe I'll take another look and poack it out.... Thx for the suggestion.
  14. Treated myself to a new '62 Metal. Very nice and almost as fast as my old ST170. My wife has an '11 Titanium... Going over bumps, I get a sound like someone has whacked the rear N/S floorpan with a lump of 4x2 ! Seems to be at speeds between 20-30 mph.... Doesn't happen going over full width speed bumps. Reported my findings/complaint to my dealer who hasn't replied for over a week. Mentioned it in my Ford satisfaction survey- nothing :( Doesn't happen on the wife's Tiatnium... Before I go to my local dealer, anyone having similar problems ? If the car had a rear subframe, I'd suspect there were bolts loose/missing.... Apart from that, I love it. Pity the Mrs wouldn't let me have the 2.0 ST - she says I'm too old to be a boy racer :) TIA
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums Chartman :)