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  1. Oh dear Daniel Which bit was I being sarcastic about? The blue paint job? Just picking up on your original light hearted comment about the same. Remember? The one where you put the little smiley face? Your reply was genuinely helpful for which I thank you. Whether you bother or not in the future is up to you of course.
  2. Well thank you Daniel. All is now crystal clear and I've booked it into my local audio place who seemed knowledgeable enough. Hacksaw it is. And thank you for not insisting that I have that blue paint job. Cheers!
  3. Hi folks There's plenty of reference to this issue all over the net, but I can't quite find a definitive guide. The best one I've come across so far tells you how to get the old triple deck unit of a Mk6 Fiesta, but then suddenly all the advice seems to jump to which fascia/wiring adapters you need. I already have a double fascia adapter and a wiring bit that will in all probability work, but no one mentions the fact that after you've removed the triple-decker you seem to be left with a hole that has two plastic bars running across it. Now, I haven't started digging into the dashboard on my daughters car yet, so maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree and all will become obvious should I take it apart, but it seems that there are two options: Hacksaw the blighters off (eek!) or get a whole new fascia. I've seen pictures of completed jobs so I know it's possible. I think I've also seen a picture of a replacement whole fascia that is sold to take a satnav that will do the job, but that could have been a dream. To be honest I'll probably chicken out and get someone else to fit it, but I'd like to know how it's achieved. I'm sure the stupidity of this question will cause understandable hilarity, but humour me and if the winning advice comes from someone who lives near Beckenham I'll buy them a pint (I think I'm safe there). Best wishes.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums David P :)