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  1. Hi Martin, Your bad??? Not at all. At least now there's a procedure for others to follow. Now, I've just had to do a left front headlight bulb!! Had to dismantle the front of the car... almost. And it's different to the Mondeo 02 plate I had previously. Ford don't make these little jobs easy for us, do they?
  2. Thanks Martin, No, the rear light cluster goes up to the top of the rear pillar. However, I worked it out - there are two access points/removable panels. One is 'carpet type material' about 6 inches up from the floor - that's why I couldn't see it! The other looks like a 'speaker grille' near the top of the pillar. Remove these to get at two 'thumb nuts' and watch out for the sharp edges - not a lot of access space. Undo those and lift/pull out the light cluster from the outside. Access to the bulbs in now possible. Re-assembly is the reverse - push the light cluster back into position, re-install the 'thumb nuts' taking care not to drop them, then re-install the 'trim'. Took about 5 minutes... Thanks again...
  3. Need help in getting to the off-side rear light cluster to replace an indicator bulb. Any help appreciated as most of my driving is in the early morning and late evening - thanks...
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums ish :)