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  1. RT @WHUFC_News: !Removed! disgusting football club @ChelseaFC https://t.co/GMC7m9EWXL

  2. It's the fcuking @SeattleYachtClb. Mates band. Check em out, I might get a wham bar out of it. Or at least 20p. #woools

  3. Lancaster : so cold it won't snow, what a place. #noteventrying

  4. So the world has no money, and the lottery decides to double its price to £2, and half most of the prizes? Bargain. #Mayans #were #right

  5. "@RobChan91: @mattcronin2 LULZ. i wanted to rt but your tweets are protected hahaGay. Com"

  6. There's a pram on this buzz (bus) which is branded "Quinny" @Deanna_morgan @metcala @sthompson5 @a_swinner10 @TomDaleIKT

  7. Hi Guys, My girlfriend has a 2001 Mk 5 3dr fiesta, I had to replace a broken wing mirror, so took the door card off to access the screws which release the wing mirror. Replace that, all was sound. Put the door card back on, screwed it into place, banged all the clips back into place, but now the central locking on her car makes the locking noise, but then makes it again (to say either a door is open or something blocking the lock) therefore it won't lock. Weird thing is if you get inside the car, shut the door and push the handle in, all the doors lock fine. Equally if you lock the car from the passenger side, it does the same noise, but if you hold the key turned in the lock position it magically locks the car. Anyone had anything like this? Itook the door card off 2/3 times to make sure nothing was jamming or in the way of the central locking mechanism.... boot and other door definatley shut so it's not them... Thanks, Matt
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums mrc2901 :)

  9. If I wanted to buy a new tv box or a 'dench' phone case, I would go to a shop. Not twitter. #stopTryingToSellStuffToMe