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  1. Thanks :) can't have been having a bright moment :P
  2. Thanks :) Unfortunately I can't do that till the morning, will post a pic as soon as I can but I did get the 62 number from there.
  3. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help me? I have a 53 plate silver fiesta (finesse model). I have a small repair to do on my bumper and I am trying to identify the correct colour paint that I will need. I think I have identified the code to be 62, does this sound right? which I think is moondust silver? Please correct me if i am wrong! I went to Halfords and bought one of their spray cans off the shelf for ford moondust silver and the colour is not a good match at all. I understand that with time etc the original colour of my car may have altered a bit but i'm not convinced what I have bought would have ever been close. Do you think the spray can I bought may just not have been made up properly? Is my car moondust silver? Any help would be appreciated Thank you :)
  4. Just wanted to say a big thank you to you all here for the help. I have just spoken to my local mechanic who has had a look and as you all suggested it is a broken spring. So I should now be having it towed to his garage and fixed tomorrow. Thanks again Emily :)
  5. here is the left wheel with the problem, is this picture of any help?
  6. its not letting me post pictures, really strugling, any suggestions how?
  7. here is the picture of the left side wheel. from this do you think it could be a spring? Im hoping its not that the whole suspension has gone!
  8. just been to further investigate the noise, turned the engine on and listened as you suggested and no noise, put the car in reverse and then noticed the left wheel started moving and then stopped as if it was sticking. looks like the problem is something around the wheel area the gap between the top of the wheel on the left is only about 1cm and the right side there is a much bigger gap (normal distance)
  9. Hi all, I started my car this morning and there was a noticable squeak coming from it. I reversed down my drive and it became a little louder. At this point decided it probably wasn't a good idea to use the car so drove back onto my drive and the squeaking noise became very loud. Does anyone know what this could be? I own a Ford FIesta Finnese 53 plate, there are 34,000 miles on the clock. Had been working perfectly to my knowledge the last few days, came on very suddenly! Thanks for any help
  10. Thank you all for the help, very much appreciated for your quick replies and putting my mind at rest!
  11. Hello all, I am new to this forum, i have a question regarding my Fiesta, just wondering if anyone can help? I have recently noticed that the time display on my car stays on when I have taken the key out of the ignition. On further investigation, I went to check my tyre pressure and the device i use connects via the cigarette charger/lighter, I was able to use this without my key being in the ignition. Also if I press the on off switch on the radio it turns on, again while the key is not in the ignition Is this a feature of all Ford Fiesta Finesse cars 53 plate, or does my car have a problem? Thanks all for any help!
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums Emily :)