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  1. Buying a used mk3 Focus

    Well we never even got to the driving part - I've bought another vehicle instead. The salesman was a bit disappointed but it supposedly went in to Ford on Tues and I'd heard nothing yesterday afternoon. I think I was right to steer clear of it. Plus my new car represents better value, is much more economical and is free to tax. I'm sure I'll be back to Ford in the future.
  2. Buying a used mk3 Focus

    Yes I must say my gut instinct does say walk away. I will see what happens when it comes back from Ford next week. The other attraction to me is that they are offering a good part ex price for my current car (which is worth more than the Focus) and the Focus is available on 0% finance. The reason I'm looking to change is to reduce my outgoings so the deal works for me in that respect. Still I don't want to be stuck with a Friday afternoon car, it will be cost me more in the long run. Let's see how it drives next week. I can always walk away then or try and negotiate a bit on the price (which I may well do anyway!)
  3. Nice colour, shame it'll have dirty lights.
  4. Buying a used mk3 Focus

    Hi all, I'm currently in the process of purchasing a 2012 Ford Focus Titanium X 2.0 Tdci. I'm buying it from one of the big car franchises. The dealer collected the car from one of their Ford franchises last weekend for me to have a look at on Sunday (the dealer I'm getting it from is Seat, same franchise though). The car wasn't brilliant in terms of condition. I mean it had no major cosmetic issues, just a few marks and scratches and a scrape on the rear bumper. The salesman said he was hoping the Ford dealer had prepped it but it had only just come in so not had time. He did say everything will get sorted including a bumper respray. The interior was immaculate and the car is black so shows marks easily in all fairness. I've not seen the car since they've prepped it but if it's all sorted I'm happy with it. What does concern me however is that he said it was holding back on performance and it needs to go to a Ford dealer for a service and diagnostics. It only got serviced 3k miles ago althoygh that was 18 months ago. Seems a bit strange. Any ideas what it could be? The car has only done 33k miles. Again he said it would be sorted for me and the car would be spot on for me. I'll also give them credit for taking it to Ford (not their franchise either) which will obviously cost them more. Still a concern though. Any ideas what it may be? Anything else I need to check or be wary of? Thanks in advance David
  5. OK so we have established the clutch is not slipping on a car I'm no longer going to buy. I've got to say though if the clutch was fine, it would be a rather unpleasant driving experience for the clutch biting point to be in such a high position. In contrast in the 2.0 Tdci I have bought the biting point is about 60% up the clutch pedal, pretty much spot on to be honest.
  6. I would have still had to have bought the car as well as the clutch, so in theory I've saved money!
  7. To be fair I've just bought a 2006 2.0 Tdci Titanium instead, only had 58k on the clock and in immaculate condition.
  8. OK, what's the best way to test for a slipping clutch?
  9. Hi all, I'm looking to buy a 2007 Focus 1.6 Ti-vct 115. The car is in great condition however the biting point on the clutch is very high, as in the last couple of centimetres of the pedal. I've never had a clutch so high. Can anyone tell me if this is normal or whether it is probably on its way? The car has done 70k. Thanks in advance.
  10. Great post. I personally think the Clutch may have become contaminated as I've driven it 200 miles now and there has been no hint of clutch slip. The car does vibrate still though and it did it pretty badly the other day, although it's not every time you accelerate. I'm just going to have to see how it goes, but I'll be putting some money to one side just in case!
  11. It may be the case, but wouldn't it show on the service print out? There is 3 pages of work done to it which has everything on it from tyres to the DPF but no mention of clutches or flywheels. Anyway, I think it's just a case of seeing how the car goes, I'll probably do about 4000 miles whilst it is in the 3 month warranty so if there are any immediate problems I'm sure they'll show up.
  12. Do you mean the car as standard may have a SMF? It was a lease car previous to me buying it so I doubt it would have been converted.
  13. Yes it is frustrating, driven 50 miles now since picking it up and no hint of it. I however today noticed something else! When accelerating at full throttle there is a small vibration felt across the cabin for 200-300 rpm. This normally happens around 1500-2200rpm. It's not major but is noticeable. I'm guessing as the clutch has been slipping it may have something to do with the DMF.
  14. OK update time! The dealer took the car to Ford today. I got a phone call early afternoon and was told they still could not find a problem. I actually spoke to who was supposedly the Ford mechanic who said they had put the handbrake on solid and tried to pull off and the clutch held firm. Anyway I got put back on to the dealer who said there was nothing more they could do. I said that I still wasn't happy as I knew what I felt the other day and there definitely was a problem. I said I wanted my money back which he seemed to know I was entitled to ask for if there was a fault on the car, but said as there was no fault I would have to pay an handling charge, plus the cost of trying to diagnose the problem. At this point we got in to a bit of a debate where we both claimed to know our rights. After calming down the dealer agreed to take the car on the motorway and give it some hammer in 3rd, 4th and 5th where I was getting the problem. He rung me back a couple of hours later and said there was still not a problem and asked me to come down and do an extended test with him. So I went down and took it for a spin on a few faster roads reaching 90mph and.... ..the clutch never slipped once! Now called me paranoid or suspicious but I don't see how it can go from slipping a lot to running like a dream. Is there anything a garage could have done to get a bit more life out of the clutch? So obviously I have taken the car back and told the dealer I will montior the situation. I have a 3 month warranty so I'll just have to hope the problem is sorted (although I don't know how!) or it goes within the warranty period.
  15. Yeah thought that might be the case. Like you say I can put up with losing 20 quid as long as I get a full refund of the car.