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  1. fish 10

    Liqui Moly Diesel Purge

    took my egr valve out about a month ago,it was full of oily sludge,cleaned it all out and put blanking plate in it,car runs a lot smoother,at first i hated this car for all the problems ive had ,but i am starting to love it now,bought silicone hose kit for ot,a new intercooler,just want to get it through mot before i put it all on,ive put the hose from the intercooler to egr on,car smokes a little on start up,but runs okay when it warms up ,no missing at all now that plug in box has been removed,
  2. fish 10

    Liqui Moly Diesel Purge

    dont think so car starts fine,had them re coded ,the guy who came out to have a look said theres your problem there was a cheap tuneing box on it ,took it off,recoded injectors job done,ive done over 1500 miles no problems and the car runs smoother,its just mots due and he advised me to use this to clean it all out ,
  3. is this stuff any good for my mondeo 20 litre tdci 53 plate,ive heard good reports about it,wondering if any one has tried it,and any good results ,
  4. fish 10

    Injector Removal, Help Needed.

    i had to remove all lines,wireing,pull out the injector seals in top of rocker cover,and then i removed rocker cover for easy access,as you need alignment tool to put them back in,quiet an easy job once you get the rocker cover off,hope this helps
  5. glow plug lights flashing again this time code number 3 above knock theshold,just had number 4 done in garage so im going to have a go changeing it my self when it says number 3 cylinder ,is that in fireing order which is 2nd up from timeing chain cover or is it number 3 cylinder one from the end towards the air filter please
  6. what i meant was would it be cheaper to take them out my self and send them of to be reconditioned,and would they need re codeing when i put them back in,2 weeks ago i paid £245 to have 1 new injector fitted in the garage now 2 weeks later glow plug flashing same problem this time its number3 above knock thresh hold,i paid a lot of money for this car and ive had it only 5wks its a nice car but allways problems i thought it might be a cheaper fix if i done it my self many thanks
  7. is it cheaper to have your injectors reconditioned as you havent got to re code them as well when you put them back in ,and is it an easy job if you got the tools to takethem out and replace them many thanks.
  8. mintalking thanks for your advice you were spot on with the label on the engine all injector codes were there and some one even numberd them to each cylinder will re programe in the morning thanks for your advice and your help one very happy person ,and garage quoted me 100 for new injector 25 pound to programe it and theyll fit it free think they felt sorry for me paid 2500 for it one owner full service history but been playing up since ive had it many thanks
  9. its a 53 plate if thats any help can re program the injectors no problem but wont bring the codes up for me confused,it says read injector press ok then nothing press reprograme injector and every thing comes up ba the codes egr to the left atached to the inlet manifold
  10. thanks guys will try to re programe it my self this morning just had f super mk 2 through post this morning ,hope this will do the job fingers crossed
  11. my mondeo heater plug light keeps flashing,cars feels like its running on three cylinders it is very smokey and sluggish ,i put it on my scanner and code p2339 comes up with cylinder 4 above knock threshold is it a faulty knock sensor or some thing more serious
  12. please help,just bought car has only 78000 on clock,changed oil and filter today,cars still same ,idles perfect,accelarates perfect,cant keep it at one speed .ie try holding it at 70 miss fires put foot down car goes great,slow down car miss fires again,had engine diagnosis today no problem codes what so ever,the guy said nothing wrong with it,well it feels like a petrol car running on 3 cylinders,had full service 9mths ago at fords got records and reciets to prove it,full service history,it is cracking me up,water level havent dropped in expansion tank,one very confused new owner
  13. ive just purchased a mondeo 20tdci ,i owner auto,68000 miles,car goes great,but comeing home from hospital tonight,i put lights on,and the speedo,or rev counter dont work,lights stuck on full beam,and hazard warning light s showing on instrument panel,trip computer,and centagrade reset it self any ideas to whats wrong please,knock lights of every thing resets it self and every thing works until i put lights back on
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums fish 10 :)