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  1. Focus 1.8Tdci Low Mpg And White Smoke On Start Up

    Hi many thanks for remembering me.........had my car in for diagnostics,....no faults showed so they put some injectors off of another focus to see if there was a difference,, unfortunately no change there!!! Still misfires terribly on first start up..so yesterday had my original injectors put back and seals redone...a wire was almost through on one of the injectors so that's been repaired but not the problem either.... Have bought some forte injector cleaner to put through but next step is to replace either the fuel filter or the car!!!!!ford garage have absolutely no idea what's causing the misfire so anythings worth a try at mo....such a shame asthe car is fantastic once it's warm...runs a dream and so responsive....takes on any boy racer!!!LOL...
  2. Focus 1.8Tdci Low Mpg And White Smoke On Start Up

    Many thanks for your replies..unfortunately mine is now down to 30mpg and misfiring even more than ever!!!also now stops on me too........still misfires when warm too!.....normally I run esso fuel as no local shell garage.makes me wish I had kept my little Clio diesel...only had this car 3months and really starting to regret it........thanks again for the replies x x
  3. Focus 1.8Tdci Low Mpg And White Smoke On Start Up

    Thanks for asking about my car..I had the turbo pipe checked as apparently that can cause these problems and that's ok so ford are doing diagnostic on it on the 25th...now it's just a case of wait and see....fingers crossed its not the injectors as I've been told cost is around £1000......when I get more info I'll post it for others to see...
  4. Focus 1.8Tdci Low Mpg And White Smoke On Start Up

    Ok will do.luckily my garage is very good and doesn't rip u off so will keep u up to date...many thanks again.have a good evening.
  5. Focus 1.8Tdci Low Mpg And White Smoke On Start Up

    Service book was stamped..would egr valveshowup on diagnostic as booking in for this 2moro?think I'd best get fuel filter done at same time.new to these forums so a bit slow... Up at 5 so off to bed now many thanks for your replies will check forum 2moro..nite for now and thank you again
  6. Focus 1.8Tdci Low Mpg And White Smoke On Start Up

    Hi, just when it's cold..once u get going its fine and runs well apart from the occasional very slight misfire
  7. Focus 1.8Tdci Low Mpg And White Smoke On Start Up

    Hi Martin,service done 3months ago when I bought it .when first starts misfires and splutters for about a minute on tick over...I'm not that gud with mechanical stuff so advice very welcome
  8. Any ideas anyone?car done 67k.also has intermittent "shiver" when idling..many thanks for looking
  9. How to post question?

  10. How to post question?

  11. Welcome to the Ford forums Dixie diesel :)