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  1. Hi Guys New To This Forum, General Info Required

    Cheers mate thank you :)
  2. Hi I have a couple of questions.... Just bought a Mk1 1.8 Ghia saloon and am on the look out for second hand aftermarket parts, my questions are..... - What other brand/models wheels fit the Mk1 focus - Does the focus share shocks and springs with any other model - I assume it has a different exhaust to the normal focus with it having a boot....am I right in thinking this ? - How easy is it to change all the internal bulbs (in the instruments and switches) -what are the max size wheels without any fettling that fit the Mk1, and how much can it be dropped by but keeping it sensible and usable.
  3. 17" Alloys To 16" Alloys

  4. Dmb Gel Overlays

    Yea i know but its far to small there is probably a 5mm gap round the edge
  5. Dmb Gel Overlays

    Hummmm maybe i was a bit hasty to complain but it never crossed my mind that they wouldn't fit and also was a little awkward to see if they are a good fit as they are just on one big backing sheet
  6. The review i left :/ Bought a set of these, not really happy....the back one was way to small, the front one was a little to big (overlays were the same size) and all the curves on the writting are very pixilated its almost as if the production process is unable to make/print a curve. Very disappointed, didn't bother to contact DMB as i have bodged them because you cannot return if you have removed from backing which i did. Just thought i would let you guys know as i am really disappointed and don't want anyone else to get "scammed" like i did :(
  7. Mk6 Cabriolet Roof Cover

    Hi guys quick question for you, today was fitting my roof cover (first time since i got the car) it buttons down fine at the sides and round the back but the front row of poppers have noting to "pop" on to ? could anyone please enlighten me?
  8. Ford Fair 2013

    Been told i cannot go as boardmasters festival is on the same day in Newquey and the missis wants to go as we have never been before :'(
  9. Ford Fair 2013

    I would probably be interested hopefully have all mods complete by then aswell, would be a big journey as i live at the very bottom of Cornwall BUT could make a long weekend of it and visit the parents in chester :D
  10. Escort Mk6 Wheels

    6 hours and not 1 view or reply....
  11. Escort Mk6 Wheels

    Got a question for you guys, would 18's fit with little to no hassle with a reasonable drop of say 30-60mm? I ask here as the escort section seems pretty dead.
  12. Car Mods - What Floats Your Boat?

    Used to like lairy/ugly boy racer crap when i was younger (34 now) but my plans for THIS car are..... 1 Nice set of black 17/18" wheels 2 Lower it slightly so the wheels FIT the arch (not look like its on stilts but also not so the wheel is inside the arch) 3 powerflow exhaust to get a deeper sound but not to loud 4 maybe get some nice tinted rear lights if i can find any? 5 And get rid of the wood effect dash .....maybe with carbon film...
  13. Hi All

    Thanks for the welcomes guys and all the info Lenny when i get paid at the end of the month i will be ordering some of those badges (need on on the back anyways as the blue has all scraped of somehow). Will be getting some pics soon when the weather is a bit nicer and i find a nice location for them :)
  14. Hi All

    Hi all finally got myself a car i have wanted for a long time now a mk6 escort cabriolet (just never got round to it) and just thought i would introduce myself. Ps going to c/p in the escort forums if its not allowed please feel free to delete either :)
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums Wildfire78 :)