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  1. Happy Birthday Jayy-mk6!

  2. Door Card Removal?

    I've got a 2004 mk6 fiesta zetec 3dr, both my electric windows have decided to stop working so I need to get the door cards off, anyone got a video of removing them or a step to step thread, thanks
  3. Happy with my new wheels, car also sticks to the road 10x better with 4 new continental tyres!

  4. Advice With Gear Change Problem

    Mine does this to mate but mine is a 53 plate with 85000 miles, I set off slow so I can get 2nd smoothly because if I set off fast there's a resistance like you said
  5. Mk6 Problem, Help!

    I have got a 1.4 2004 mk6 fiesta zetec, when I accelerate it makes like a rattle can noise but it stops when it's over 3000rpm anyone have any ideas what it is? It's not the heat shield because I've checked..
  6. 2 of my zetec alloys are badly buckled and another is buckled but not as bad, wanting a set or just 2 or 3 gotta be in good condition without buckle, or if anyone has got any other 15' ford alloys let me know, thanks :)
  7. Removing Scuff Strips Fiesta Mk6

    I know this post was a while ago but did you find out if they are stuck on? I'm wanting to remove mine
  8. Replacing Side Repeaters

    How do I remove and replace the actual bulb? And Is it best to disconnect the battery?...
  9. Cosworth Wheels

    Can't find any on eBay, and I mean escort cosworth wheels
  10. Cosworth Wheels

    Can't find any cosworth wheels anywhere! Anyone know where I can find some or if anyone finds some can you post me the link, thanks
  11. Replacing Side Repeaters

    Just bought some clear side indicators, what's the easiest way to remove them and refit? Thanks (mk6 fiesta zetec)
  12. Mk6 Cd Player

    Really don't want to mess about getting a different dash just to take the standard triple deck CD player out, so whats the easiest thing to do to remove it? Also where can I get the tray what slots into the gap so I can fit a new CD player
  13. Fiesta Or Corsa???

    Definitely a fiesta, corsas are everywhere!
  14. Coilovers & Wheels..

    Anyone selling or know where I can get some cheapish AP coilovers and either some lenso bsx, axe XXR, or any euro wheels, thanks.
  15. I bought my car a week ago and only got 2 keys with it, I didn't get a fob an the keys haven't got buttons on for the locking etc.. Can anyone tell me where I could get a fob done cheap for my car? Thanks. Also where can I get the different fascia dash so I can change my CD player?