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  1. Heated Windscreen

    To change the text to blue click on the toggle switch on the top left-hand corner of the formatting toolbar.
  2. Heated Windscreen

    Just how reliable are these 'Quickclear' windscreens, I must admit I'm !Removed! annoyed! I bought a new Fiesta in 2002. The first winter I used it about 10 times and it was OK. The following winter when I put it on it only worked across a third of the windscreen. I had it replaced under warranty but didn't use need to use it for a couple of years as I'd got a company van to drive. When I did eventually use it there were sections all across the screen that weren't working. I didn't bother having it replaced again. I bought a new Fiesta in March 2012 and, on the second time I used it, there was a narrow section on the passenger side that wasn't working. I'd asked the salesman when I bought it about these windscreens and he told me they never had any problems with them. I just wondered if they were all faulty - you'd think, after 26 years, Ford would have got them right.
  3. How Do You Turn Off Auto Aircon

    Thanks for the info. This was also starting to annoy the hell out of me too. I prefer the car to react to my actions not to do things automatically.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Reiver :)

    1. Reiver


      Hi Steve. Thanks for the welcome. Looking forward to getting to know my Fiesta better from listening to the guys on the forum.